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  1. I did just that & I will continue to have the old & new version installed. You just did a review of the Reset Android front end & so i tried it & its great. The fact that it uses YouTube videos for mobile is great & it has faverates! But it does not have ratings & even if it did phones currently dont have the memory to support a collection. LaunchBox has a rating system in which I can create a playlist of games with a 4+ rating. Why not allow an export even if its to Androids main directory? You already developed it. Are we talking about the click of a mouse? You can be a neutral export to any android front end! I think I just talked you into it which is amazing that im actually talking to someone that can make something happen.
  2. I get it. I do. But why not just add a disclaimer? Export to android can still be used for retroarch alone.
  3. WTF, I bought this app & now i cant export to android in launchbox. If you want to stop development thats fine but dont take away the ability to export to android in LB. Now I have to figure out how to get an older version of LB to do the export.
  4. from what i am gathering you could just as easily scrape the entire site howlongtobeat.com HTML capturing the data you want then format it into a launchbox friendly xml like this plugin outputs now. Then you have data for all games on howlongtobeet.com. You no longer have to worry about the sites html changing every time you add a game.
  5. your not alone, i usually add at least 50% to those numbers for me to beet it..... I love retro games, dont confuse this with me being any good at them lol.
  6. This is fantastic, as others have said its ashamed there is no API. Id love to see a mass update when you update all the media & meta data. Also id love to see this in big box in the game details. All in all a great addition. I understand the lack of an API makes this more difficult.
  7. is there a way to see this info in big box?
  8. you are a saint, installing now. Thanks
  9. I have been meaning to post this for some time now, The 1 feature i would like to see is the data from https://howlongtobeat.com/ I am no longer a kid and have other obligations, before i start a game i want to know how much time i can expect to put into it.
  10. I made this Excel sheet for anyone like me that uses retroarch or wants do do this for any other rom set. instructions are in the excel sheet. 3 clicks and all folders are created and roms moved to them. List Files & Put in folders.xlsm
  11. here is everything you need to convert the textures yourself. follow the readme.txt. n64_HD_texture_Converter_to_.htc_for_retroarch.zip
  12. i figured out how to convert the packs to working .htc. here are all the packs i have done. they all work in retroarch 1.6.9 (latest stable version as of today) you must remove the prefix i added to all of them links removed
  13. thats probably because he has the Hypatia’s Mario Craft 64 Texture Pack 2016, which is much much bigger, i made an .htc of that one also but it didnt work either. the one linked is Nintemod Super Mario 64 Retextured. ill add the mario craft one to the folder and add the name of the mods to the beginning like the zelda one, of course they still dont work for some reason.
  14. i am able to create the .htc file using PJ64 1.6 and gliden64 2.0 however it does not work in retroarch, but yet the zelda ones that i got already in .htc from the link above do work so i know im placing them in the correct place in retroarch. any suggestions? links PJ64 1.6 https://www.emuparadise.me/Nintendo_64_Emulators/Windows/Project_64/83 gliden64 2.0 https://github.com/gonetz/GLideN64/releases supermario 64 .htc i created link removed
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