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  1. How can i see the list of games that start through a certain emulator? Filter by emulators? Where is?
  2. I've tried them all but still prefer cleanbg
  3. I updated to 11.8 but with Cleanbg theme the vertical wheels 2,3,4 no longer work ... only wheel n1 works When I choose these vertical wheels it always shows me the horizontal wheel Why? thanks
  4. I keep some packs of roms on external drives. I would like a bigbox bootgame screen to tell me: "Insert this external hard drive and press a button" ... Do you think it can be done?
  5. maybe i found that the bug acts when using a batch file, for example with daphne singe using "Launchbox_Loader.bat" I often have this problem. Now I tried to edit the games in launchbox one by one by applying the right command line for each of them and avoiding using the batchlauncher, it seems to start correctly ... I hope
  6. I removed all the rocket launcher but the problem persists randomly, for example with daphne singe i have to play with the lightgun and it is set to start Fullscreen_window. Sometimes it works well while other times it don't stays in focus, stays minimized and there is no possibility to play with it, not even with alt-tab, you only see the bigbox screen and I have to do altf4 and turn off the bigbox. I have tried many things, even completely removing all the bigbox loading screens, and I have deleted all the emulator settings, but there is nothing to do. This is a launchbox bug
  7. it's not true ! I removed all the launchbox screens but rocket launcher does not work as before, the game is minimized and I cannot even resume it . I can't choose between one or the other, I can only choose launchbox but I lose the bezels . How do I insert bezels for daphne without rocket launcher?
  8. I have been trying all possible methods for 10 hours but with rocket launcher I can no longer run the games, especially Daphne I liked with RL bezels, please fix this big bug
  9. Sbaby

    Gog Galaxy problems

    If I use the option to start games with gog galaxy, launchbox considers gog galaxy as game, in fact if I go to set applications when the game is released, it applies them immediately at start of the game and it is not good. For example I created an ahk that kills gog galaxy at the end of the game, I inserted it in the right panel but it starts galaxy and closes it immediately, instead it should close it at the end of the game I kindly ask you for an option to enable the start of minimized gog galaxy without using external applications or ahk, the command I know: GalaxyClient.exe / launchViaAutoStart But it should be applied by you when programming the frontend Then if the game is in my possession but has been uninstalled by gog galaxy, bigbox should communicate this when the game starts, instead it says nothing and only opens the client without returning to bigbox ... it would also be fantastic to have options to enter for each store, a bit like for emulators, so you avoid configuring all the games of the single store in the same way. thanks
  10. I had already configured everything like you. the command line is correct but: if I remove the script, the exit works but the return from the pause goes into window mode. Keeping the script active, it returns correctly to full screen, but the exit does not work. For the moment I fixed it by removing the script and also removing the pause emulation during the pause. I only kept the pause game screen enabled. I missed the real game break but at least everything else works
  11. . ppsspp version 1.10.3 . --escape-exit (I always had like this, esc key work fine, but it doesn't work via pause menu this is my pause resume setup, without this ppsspp it goes to window mode, maybe it conflicts with pause menu exit ????? WinWaitActive , PPSSPP SetKeyDelay, -1, 110 Send {Alt Down}{Enter}{Alt Up} sleep, 50 Send {Alt Down}{Enter}{Alt Up} Return
  12. Sorry but it doesn't work, if i press esc ok but if i try to quit with bigbox pause it goes back to psp, despite also having entered your method Is there an alternative? i want to quit the game via bigbox pause
  13. Sbaby

    Exit Mame

    no no, everything is regular. I have now also tried to exclude rocket launcher but the problems persist. it also happens that with bigbox I start openbor, then I go out regularly with the "quit" key of the game, it goes back to bigbox, it looks good but remains freezed until I press the WIN key twice on windows With launchbox no problem but I want to keep using bigbox
  14. Sbaby

    Exit Mame

    i have mame 0.191 and i don't want to update it. It has always worked well, this has only been happening lately. Other similar things happen to me with other games and basically bigbox becomes unusable, for example I start an openbor game and keep hearing bogbox video audio while playing Bigbox stays active even during gameplay and that's no good I think it happens for games set with rocket launcher, but I've been using bigbox for years now and I didn't have these problems, I didn't change anything, I just updated bigbox and I think the problem is due to the update. I don't know if I will be able to reconfigure all games without Rocket launcher
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