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  1. I think when I edited the previous post maybe you had already responded and didn't read the whole thing. Had you seen the pictures ? EDIT : I solved it by reinstalling nvidia drivers, this sounds crazy to me but now finally launchbox numbering matches windows numbering
  2. @JoeViking245 for mame you were right and I apologize, I had a minimize launchbox at game startup, removing this option the image to the second monitor works I have a more serious problem now, though. Now the plugin has banged itself up, pressing the display identification button doesn't detect the numbering as it is detected by windows and reverses my displays 1 and 3, so the image goes under the game. i don't understand why it does it now The windows identification of the monitors does not match the launchbox identification, maybe that is also why I have various problems I have four monitors, Display 2 corresponds to my TV and I only activate it when I need to play it from the couch by pressing WIN+P and selecting SECOND SCREEN ONLY. The three main monitors on the other hand are all active and are selectable with WIN+P as EXTEND In the image below I have the nvidia panel detecting the situation in EXTEND : The Windows screens panel detects the same thing : So : 4 - 1 - 3 - ( 2 Off ) Instead Launchbox detects 2 - 3 - 1 🤔
  3. Another problem : I also activated the third monitor for Bigbox, and this happens : Without starting the game, when I am in the choice screen of all games the image appears perfectly on the left monitor While when I select a game and enter its details the image disappears
  4. I realized that it doesn't work with mame and other emulators, instead it works fine for me with retroarch, hypseus singe etc. In the end I think it's all still related to the usual problems I have with launchbox minimizations and maximizations, I've described it in other posts To solve my problem (and I think others) you should put in a programming such that it detects when the emulator is finally at the end of its loading and that is when the game is maximized the image should force itself to remaximize
  5. ok, with this way the image appears but I find it too cumbersome, I don't like it With ALT-TAB eccetera the image does not appear on monitor 1, but immediately correctly on monitor 2, the next time with a new game the situation does not change
  6. I had never used this plugin before, it probably didn't work for me before either
  7. When I select a game (i.e. Mortal Kombat) it shows the image (\Images\Game Controls\Arcade\mk.png) on Monitor #2. But then when you launch the game, the image on Monitor #2 goes away The image does not reappear (on Monitor #2) after you exit the game. It reappears if I select another game and return to Mortal Kombat These changes were due to the varied trials. Now I put everything as default, SAVED, but the situation does not change
  8. but now I have tried the option "KEEP IMAGE(S) VISIBLE DURING GAMEPLAY" and unfortunately it is not visible
  9. Thanks for the new version of the plugin unfortunately I have tried many ways, with all monitors, all filenames and all extensions jpg and png, saving, restarting, etc, but nothing works .
  10. I honestly have no idea how many there are, I found some in the folder https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/8564/distinguish-between-controls-information
  11. Thank you for the responses. The way I see it though, the information folder is more suitable for the original photos of the original cabinets like this image : For the button controls made by us users it would be nice to have ea separate folder as I would like to keep both images, both those of the original controls and those of my game descriptions. It would be nice to have a "CUSTOM FOLDER" choice. , is it possible to put it in the plugin ?
  12. Hi, I use the images of the controls in the custom pause menu in the "Launchbox\Images\Game Controls\Arcade" folder that have the name of the roms file, for example mk.png The folder you pointed out for the plugin is "Launchbox\Images\Game Controls\Arcade - Controls Information" which though contains images with the title name, e.g. Mortal Kombat.png I would like to use in the monitor plugin the same images as in the pause menu folder, how can I do that? keep in mind that they not only have the different name but I corrected one by one all the images of the pause menu controls to fit me
    I am thrilled with this plugin and, above all, with the extraordinary professionalism of its creator. The plugin has exceeded my expectations and has become stable and lightweight in just a few releases. Highly recommend 😎
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