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  1. how to launch Playstation Now to full screen with launchbox? need ahk script
  2. I would like to exit from ppsspp game by pressing bigboxmenu and option "exit from game" into pause menu but does not work. It return to ppsspp. what script should i put and where?
  3. I've always used it without problems but today I started it and it closes immediately. I tried to reinstall it, to use the backup files but nothing, not part,. bigbox instead works help
  4. how to deactivate pause screen for windows games only, in bigbox? Or assign alt-f4 only for windows games when click on exit in pause menu?
  5. Sbaby

    BigBox on android

    If I buy launchbox for windows, do I have to buy also android or android is included in the purchase of windows?
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