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  1. Hi There, Any experience with the Intel Apollo Lake N4200 processor and the Dolphin Wii emulator? How's the performance on DX12 and/or Vulkan? Is there anyone who can tell me if this processor gives a reasonable performance for Wii? Thx a lot!
  2. Gachmuret

    Mini PC or PC to buy..

    @dovella Can you or anyone with a N4200 processor driven system share your experience with Dolphin Wii emulator? Thx!
  3. Gachmuret

    Hardware for your Retrogaming and #Launchbox

    Hi there, @dovella @lufeig I also plan to buy a notebook with Intel N4200 and 4 gig of RAM... would that be enough to play Wii reasonly fluent on Ishiruka fork? Thx for your advice and help!