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    This is one of the cleanest looking themes available for BigBox and looks amazing on my 4K TV. The entire experience is seem-less with the graphics being are nice and crisp. I honestly can't go with any other theme on my TV once I gave this a shot. I keep giving other's a try, but I always come back to this.
  1. Thank you so much for your incredible theme! I put together some updated images that I wanted to share in case anyone else would like to use them: - Fixed Nintendo 3DS Platform Clear Logo Image - Fixed Nintendo DS Platform Clear Logo Image - Missing Platform NEC TurboGrafx-16 Clear Logo Image - Missing Platform Sony Playstation (Dark) Clear Logo Image [Remove "- Dark" from name] - Missing Platform Sony Playstation (Light) Clear Logo Image [Remove "- Light" from name] - Change "Press A" button to "Press X" P.S. Don't forget to "Refresh All Images" with-in BigBox settings after files have been placed in the appropriate folders.
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