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  1. Thank you very much! I'll do that 😀
  2. HI @faeran is it possible to remove the scan lines filter while viewing the game videos? I prefer the cleaner look, but refuse to stop using your theme, it's too perfect. Lol
  3. People think that your work is crap? On behalf of the descent community members, I'd like to tell you that your contributions are greatly appreciated and loved. It's due to awesome people like yourself and the other contributors that have made Launchbox into the best Frontend on the planet. Never feel disheartened by people who take pleasure in putting others down, they're the ones who take and take and give nothing in return. I wish I had half your talent so that I could create and share content as well, but unfortunately, I suck. Lol Keep up the great work and take comfort in knowing that your creations will be enjoyed by many people in the years to come.
  4. Thanks for the update! It's amazing! 👍
  5. I'll definitely look out for it. I'm really glad I found this. Thanks again 😊
  6. This theme is amazing! Thank you! I was wondering though, with the new LB update allowing a single theme to support all of the various platforms, would you be releasing that soon? No rush, it's just I haven't tried this theme as yet, but after seeing it featured on the LB 9.4 video, I want to try it. Keep up the great work! We really appreciate it 👍
  7. Thank you! This looks awesome, trying it now! 👍
  8. This is perfect! It's amazing how such a simple change can make such a huge difference! I'm not saying that this was easy to make btw....lol Thank you!!!
  9. Wow! This update is huge! Could've easily been called 2.0 Thanks CriticalCid, your themes are definitely the best
  10. You made my day with this theme! I've been trying to get HyperSpin running on my PC just because I loved the way it looked, even though I prefer LaunchBox. Now I have the best of both worlds! Thanks soo much!!!
  11. I'm also trying to import my games and it's not working.
  12. Thank you for your amazing commitment and dedication!
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