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  1. This was a really good idea. I would've never thought of this, now it's the only videos I want to use. lol
  2. I saw your YouTube video and followed the link to download it there. I got it through your Google Drive link, I added it to Launchbox, but I haven’t tried it as yet. I will a bit later, spending time with my son lol. I’m loving it soo far though, I had originally intended to use this solely for PC Games, but I’m currently adding storage to my server to do a full build with retro games. This theme is exactly what I wanted.
  3. This is exactly what I wanted! Thank you soo much. This theme will be perfect for my full build with retro systems and modern PC. I really appreciate it πŸ‘ŒπŸ‘
  4. @The Papaw Thank you for replying. That would be awesome! I'm currently using Platform Wheel 2 Horizontal Wheel 1
    I love this soo much! Very well made, I use Launchbox/Bigbox solely for fighting games on my PC and this modern design is perfect for me. My only one suggestion is whether it would be possible to have a very light blurred background image for each game while scrolling through them. I would love to see the contrasting colors while perusing my games. Awesome work nonetheless, this is definitely my new daily driver. thanks!
  5. This looks kool, however whenever I try to use it, BigBox crashes. Not sure what's the issue.
  6. Thank you very much! I'll do that ?
  7. HI @faeran is it possible to remove the scan lines filter while viewing the game videos? I prefer the cleaner look, but refuse to stop using your theme, it's too perfect. Lol
  8. People think that your work is crap? On behalf of the descent community members, I'd like to tell you that your contributions are greatly appreciated and loved. It's due to awesome people like yourself and the other contributors that have made Launchbox into the best Frontend on the planet. Never feel disheartened by people who take pleasure in putting others down, they're the ones who take and take and give nothing in return. I wish I had half your talent so that I could create and share content as well, but unfortunately, I suck. Lol Keep up the great work and take comfort in knowing that your creations will be enjoyed by many people in the years to come.
  9. Thanks for the update! It's amazing! ?
  10. I'll definitely look out for it. I'm really glad I found this. Thanks again ?
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