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  1. What is wrong to import the gb roms as a new platform? Just scrape them as gb. Now you can set up your emulator and everything is fine. I copy all roms over with sgb enhancement cause that are a few mb and dont hurt my storage plus i have a clean sgb enhanced gb collection. You can also use your existing gb roms folder but just i said we talk about a few mb. Is the double search entry that big problem? I think you will always have that problem when you use one version of a game with two platforms. Just think about ps1 games on a ps2. Sensless but possible. Maybe someone else have a better solution.
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    This load and save state in rocketlauncher pause menu is just a ahk command for the emulator you are using. Rocketlauncher build completly on ahk what launchbox not does. I dont have the knowledge if launchbox can this handle too.
  3. Why you want to use Magic Engine so absolutely? What about Mednafen? Magic Engine is just a really old emulator. Are there any Updates for this emu?
  4. what is this background called u used? and can you plz upload a screenshot of your font and color settings?
  5. Ok. I just try it later again. Nice to hear that the community grow further 🤘
  6. No problem mate. I'm not in a hurry it's just curious to me that the problem appear with the 9.3 update for me.
  7. Actually not with my setup. Stuck since a hour between 3 and 5%. Should i downgrade to the last beta version?
  8. Since i updated to the latest version 9.3 the database update download is ridiculous slow. Anyone else have the same problem at the moment?
  9. I like the new update. All feel really smooth. One question i have. Where can i get the background that ETA Prime use in the 8.3 update video on youtube. The one with the launchbox logo bottom right and the crumpled blue paper look.
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