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  1. Congrats @faeran You are doing great things! I learned a lot from your first Theme Workshop!
  2. I am having very similar issues as others here with the 11.3 betas. However I have had these issues since 11.2 stable. LB freezes and crashes on me consistently while moving around and selecting game(s) or while opening the edit game option. Would these issues also affect my ability to start BigBox? For a couple of weeks now I have been unable to launch BigBox from the dedicated .exe or via LB menu. It just hangs and eventually I have to force close. Neither the 11.3 betas or going back and reinstalling 11.2 solves my BigBox problem. I have attached two log files. The first being LB crash and the second is me trying to start BB from the exe when it just hangs. This is the first issue I have had in over 2 years that I could not solve myself! So keep up the great work! Debug 2020-08-07 02-38-01 PM.log Debug 2020-08-07 02-43-40 PM.log
  3. The clear logo and system logo are working fine when I switch between games. It looks like its mostly the game box options and screenshots that are not pulling for me. Box options being 3D, front and back. I am assuming its because of my naming or folder structure. I have, for instance, my box front images in "launchbox\images\Nintendo Entertainment System\Front\" "launchbox\images\Nintendo Entertainment System\Front\North America\" etc.. I am wondering if it needs to be named differently than "Front". Although I never changed it from the default location for it.
  4. I just setup Theme Creator for the first time and it is not pulling images for me. I am just working with the Plain n Simple theme to get used to things. When I select edit under games view and select the meta data type for box art none of those images are appearing for my games. I tried several image types as well. Game box front, game box 3d, etc.. I just get image not available on everything. I do have images for all my games, I just pulled the meta data from LB database. Is there a way for me to change the default location those images pull from, for the different image types? Or do you have any suggestions on how I proceed with troubleshooting? Thanks in advance! A community theme creator is such a good idea! Great work!
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