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  1. Arcade64 don't show nag but mamearcade and mame show it.
  2. Hi all, 2 problems with pause screen =( I try it with retroarch. In launchbox it appear bue i can't move or select with my arcade stick =( in big box when i press the key nothing happen =( I try to change the button mappen in big box but i have the same issue =( In big box pause menu option there is not to set the keyboard. I set it from joystick automation but don't work =( =( =( Work in launchbox but here in pause menu option there is to set a key =( but i can't move with joystick =( i cry
  3. Hi guys, i'm try to set my vpx collection in launchbox. I have problem to exit from visual pinball. Exit make only a screen to choose resume or exit from the table. i try to insert *ESCAPE::Send {Alt down}{F4} in script that work for Play station portable emulator but don't work for VPX. have someone a good idea for me ? TNX
  4. I work on it. If i use Vulkan driver shader was loaded correctly If i use DX12 shader was not apply at launch The problem is that with Vulkan retroarch work really slow, i have an AMD 2400G with latest driver but with Vulkan is unplayable =( Any idea ?
  5. Online there is a lot of question about ra don't save config but i don't find a good Solution, any idea?
  6. Yes i have 1.7.5 The problem is that it says the right name of the shader that i have save but don't apply it =( Another problem, i have try to change video driver and i have set save on exit, but when i go in to ra again there is no the video driver that i set =( I have retroarch config =( =( =(
  7. Ummm i have use save for object in the same folder and seems to save it, but when i launch game gear games ther is no border, i have to re apply the shader =(
  8. Hi ! I have a little configuration problem =( Which is the best way to have a different platform that use the same core with different shader settings? I have mega drive games with Gx_plus core and i want a royale shader for example, and sega game gear with the same core but with an overlay with game gear border. Thank you for help a noob like me 😃
  9. Can we make a petition for 4:3 support!???
  10. I have do it but i don't see my immage. Maybe i have do sone mistake. Can you explain me the right metod to add playlist logo for bigbox? Tnx bro
  11. Ok ! I have do it ! Now another little problem. In bigbox how can i change the favorites logo? i have try to add an immage but it don't show it and i see only the Favorites with normal caracter
  12. But a lot of bartop have a 4:3 screen and all 4:3 theme are terrible =(
  13. Why don't u do a 4:3 version of it'???? It's grat but not for a 4:3 bartop =(
  14. first of all thank you so much for your complete and very interesting explanation. For my use what is stylistically very important is the loading screen and it is in essence the only reason why I still support rocket launcher. fading is not absolutely important. For the bezel, the experience of each is different: I use a 4: 3 and I do not need it, on a pc where I have a 16: 9 I still prefer the classic black bands because I do not really like the contrast between the game and the bezel. Do you have any idea of the timing of the release of a first beta on new features?
  15. Have you make a pubblic version bro? I searching for a cool 4:3 theme
  16. oh =( no nice =( it's very beautyfull =( Do you know a good theme for a 4:3 screen Neil? tnx
  17. how can i set in a 4:3 monitor? TNX
  18. Ahhh ok 😃 Yes rocket launcher for me is terrible and very difficult to manage and learn. I use it only for loading screen but if this feature will be add in launchbox i remove it as fast as hell 😃 In big box is very very important to have a loading screen in my opinion
  19. I don't understand. They have do a good update right now, maybe it have not add the feature that you want, but launchbox have receive a good update right now.
  20. Maybe for xmas 😃 With this feature we can remove rocket launcher and use launchbox big box without this terrible software
  21. Any news about loading screen? I was away in this mounths
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