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  1. Tried, make the controller 2 able to move in the menu but doesn't able it to use hotkeys
  2. Ok, i'm trying and it seems to work, just disabled the closure process of retroarch in my ahk and then setted on retroarch inside. Found even this solution but doesn't make me feel sure..... To fix this you can enable the "SaveRAM autosave interval" option under Settings > Saving. Be aware that it might corrupt your save if you close RetroArch while the game is saving, especially in games that heavily use the SRAM and with a low autosave interval. Another option is to use save states. If you're on Android, make sure your save folder isn't located on an external SD card, it won't work. Only the last matters, there's a way to set the hotkeys in retroarch for all controllers configured? It seems to work only on controller 1, i've searched but didn't found. I would like to exit with any controller.
  3. Yes i have premium, thank you for the suggestion, i use the ahk to close all the emulators, maybe i must calibrate this thing, i'll give a try. thank you
  4. Hi everyone, i finished my cabinet and started playing but noticed something terrible. When i use games on retroarch it doesn't saves or better, it does, but when i close it and open again the game, the save doesn't exist. I noticed even that if i close the content instead of forcing the closure of retroarch it works good but in my cabinet i cannot do that, to come back to the big box menù i use an ahk that force the closure of the emulators. Any suggestion to solve it? Thank you very much.
  5. Thank you for you quick answer. It's incredibile W10 cannot manage this thing..... thank you again.
  6. Hi guys, i have a problem with the controller order on W10. I built a retrogame consolle (it's just a PC with a nice case) with BigBox and lot of things inside. Pretty good, what's the matter.... sometimes, randomly but most of time when i move my consolle from on TV to another, W10 changes the controller order.... 1 becomes 2 and viceversa. Is there a way to finally fix the controller order in W10? I searched on web but nothing usefull. Thank you very much.
  7. Hi everyone, a very strange problem, I'll try to be short. Launchbox 8.3, PCSX2 last release, W10 v.1709, 2 x generic USB controller (it's a cabinet). Got everything working fine, configured pcsx2 for some arcade game on my cabinet, I've tried all the games I like to have from windows before to import on launchbox and everything was fine. Imported as always the roms. Good, here is the matter, if i run the ps2 games from bigbox, sometimes and completely random but not always, the controller order in pcsx2 have some issue..... controller inverted, one of them not recognized, controller two recognized as one and the oder not. If I esc from bigbox, go to windows and open the pcsx2 gui and look for the controller plugin the problem still exists. If I reboot the system everything comes back fine. Parameter line: --gui --fullscreen I'm going crazy, any suggestion? Thank you :-)
  8. Hi everyone, a technical question if someone knows something about that. I'll make short, changed hardware configuration, left emulators, roms, settings, everything as before. Previous configuration: motherboard: gigabyte Z370P D3 cpu: intel I3 8100 ram: 4GB - DDR4 gpu: integrated (UHD Graphics 630) Current configuration: motherboard: asus prime B350M-A cpu: AMD Ryzen 5 1400 ram: 4GB - DDR4 gpu: Nvidia Geforce GT710 So what's the matter..... comparing the hardware configurations i should have made a step forward and for some emulator seems like this. Redream, Dolphin, Epsxe, Pinball FX2, PPSSPP and others are better now. Some issue occurre with: Demul (specially with sega rally 2) - runs slower than with the previous configuration Mame - this is with no sense to me.... Time Crisis, working perfecly before, now has choppy sound and framerate slowdown. It's my favorite one, I have even the aimtrak gunlight of course. I tried to overclock CPU and GPU but not result to satisfy enough. Can you help me or give me some indication about what's the problem? Thank you guys.
  9. I love bigbox, it's great! Issues can happen to every program or every system. The important is to find the reason and try to overcome them. Attract mode could be a nice idea, I will set it and give it a try, I will let you know if is it fine. Thank you. If in the meantime someone have some other suggestion please tell me what, thanks! ?
  10. Hi guys, strange and huge problem..... It's the fourth time this week it happens. Completed my cabinet and placed in my videogames store some days ago and let it run all the day. It's the fourth time this week that if nobody touch any controll on it after different time, not the same, BigBox freezes and I have to force the shutdown from the cabinet ac power. I suppose the pc spec are not the matters, launchbox is the 8.2 version, more than 20 systems setted, almost 10.000 games with images and video well scraped, theme CleanBG. I don't know if any other spec could be helpful. Anyone has idea of why does it happen? Thank you all.
  11. I will answer to myself so it could be useful to someone else. It was very easy, set in lauchbox as background preference Fanart. Don't scrap any fanart image for a specific game so it doesn't overwrite anything. Place the background you want to use in launchbox/images/platforms/(the platform youw ant to change the background)/fanart. Here you have to place the image to use renamed as the platform. that's all.
  12. Hi guys, maybe a simple question but i tried a lot without find a solution. I would like to have as common background for all the games when highlighted in the platform gamelist view a custom image. In Launchbox in the background preferences i unchecked all the items and tried to able the view of my custom image in every way but nothing.... I'm using CleanBG theme. Any suggestion about that? Thank you very much!
  13. thank you for answering.
  14. Thank you for answering.
  15. it doesn't work for me, everything is set as in the picture but pinball fx2 starts with main menu...... good the same but just to tell you.
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