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  1. I've not touched the res. I'm aware I can change it by editing the arc/ini files. They're all set to 1080 so I just left em.
  2. Can't remember what kinda link it is. Basically everything that gets written to my LB cache gets also written to my linked folder on my SSD amd LB reads the data from my linked SSD cache. My actual LB cache has been wiped so the SSD folder has too. It deffo happened after the latest upgrade, maybe it just does that? I can't think why though.
  3. I set each one up manually, wish I'd've known that. Sorted now, cheers
  4. Does LB after a update wipe the image cache? I have mine linked from my external HDD to my SSD to speed up load times. There was about 6 gb of data in before I updated and now it's empty. Is this a feature of has something gone wrong my end?
  5. I grabbed Xpadder and after a bit of head scratching I got it to work. I have to configure each game separatly but at least I can play em now. Cheers Styphlus :)
  6. I followed Unbroken's YT guide to setup Taito Type X in Launchbox and everything's fine apart from configuring my gamepad. It just doesn't register that I have a gamepad plugged in. If I go into the rom folder and run xpad_config still no responce. I'm using a wired Xbox One controller. Any help would be much appreciated.
  7. I set my Xbox one left shoulder button to decrease volume. I really want to change it now because some games use it and I'm sick of the volume going down when I don't want it to. I go into options but it won't let me change it, I click the box, it says 'Press Button' but it doesn't respond. Any help would be great
  8. Shoud've just read what Neil9000 said. 2nd post after my original question....
  9. Thanks guys! can sit back now and relax
  10. I use my gamepad to exit games in almost all of my emulators. I play MAME the most and find it really irritating having to hit escape when I wanna quit a game. Is there any way to do it? Cheers
  11. In LB, the video snap sound can sometimes be heard still playing in the background when I run a game. Seems to be random, but lately it happens more. Anyone else had this?
  12. Sussed it! in the game press F11 then keep pressing F9 until it shows 'Auto' the games run great now with no sound issues :)
  13. That worked a treat! back to the old speed it was before, Cheers neil for the heads up
  14. Ok, thanks for the info
  15. That looks great! cheers
  16. I'm using LB Next. I have the cache set to maximum in the settings. It did help but I'm still getting slow downs. I'm interested in your hack, as long as it's not too complex and wouldn't possibly screw my LB install up. I take it you are using it?
  17. I recently transferred my LB from my SSD to a external HDD due to space issues. I knew access times would be a bit slower just not this slow! Is there any way I can force LB to cache all my images into memory as it loads/runs? I have 16gb onboard so space wouldn't be a issue. Cheers
  18. Unfortunately I didn't. Post back if you suss it plz. :)
  19. OK, Got ya. It's a AMD FX-8370 8 Core OC@ 4.3 Crazy how old games need so much power! Thing is I've seen vids of the problem games running OK in Mame on YouTube from a few years back so was convinced it was a bad rom or something. Anyway, thanks for yer help. I'll check out the mame forums.
  20. My system can play Far Cry 5 at ultra settings so I doubt that's the problem. A friend filled my HDD with Mame roms and he has the exact same problem. I emailed him and he said this.... "I have noticed that in the mame gui the ridge racer rom says this game does not have a bios. Right im 100% sure i know what the problem its.....but 0% sure how to solve it..... the problem is that it defo isnt using the namcoc74.zip (bios) so its running on normal settings i think which arent good" Does this info help? I'm baffled! Thanks for your input :)
  21. Ridge racer 1 & 2, Cyber commando, Ace Driver, Alpine racer 2, Cyber cycles. These are just the ones I tested and every one is the same. The sound is messed up and gameplay seems slow. All my other roms play fine, no probs. I re-downloaded a few of the roms and tried latest MAME build, same issue. Weird how it's only Namco games. Really want to play these so any help would be great. Cheers
  22. Hi, Could you please make a Amiga Demos logo. I love your set and I really need this to make my collection complete. Keep up the good work
  23. I currently have 67 systems so I presume it's gonna be a big job! If I just simply cut and paste my LB folder from C to my data drive will that raise any problems?
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