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  1. I love your theme but I don't like seeing a spinning box when the disc media is missing. Any chance you could leave it blank? Great work 🙂
  2. I started using it because I couldn’t find a solution to my problems with Demul. I’ve searched forums and found nothing. Hope ya get it sorted.
  3. I was having problems with Demul so decided to try Redream. It's great, no poblems. I ticked the 'make default emulator' but all my roms are still using Demul. Is there a way to make all Dreamcast roms launch with the new emulator? I've been doing it one by one and I've had enough.
  4. I have the exact same problem. Trouble is when I use the gpuDX11old video plugin I get weird grapical glitches. I've just tried Redream emulator tonight. Works straight the box, no setting up and works flawlessy with Launchbox. There's a 4K version too. Check it out. 🙂
  5. Quick question regarding symbolic links....All my image data is on a external HDD, I created a symbolic link of my LB cache to my C drive, which is a SSD. I was under the impression that when I run LB the data is read from my SSD thus speeding up load times. Is this correct? as you state that symbolic links won't help.
  6. Hi guys, I want X-padder to run before I play a Taito type X game. I've found a Auto Hotkey Script that runs X-padder before a emulator starts. But Taito Type X games don't use a emulator. Is there any way I can get this script to work? Cheers
  7. Like the new theme but the game video is now below the screenshots ☹️
  8. Sorted! Yeah your'e right about the multipart roms, each one I tried had two files, I thought they was different types of roms. Anyway, I grabbed that TOSEC collection you mentioned. Every rom I've tried (CRT) now works! Cheers for your help m8 :) Little tip: There's no need to unzip each rom before you import it. Goto Tools/Manage Emulators/Winvice/Edit then tick the 'Extract rom archives before running' box. Thanks again :)
  9. It's not 1 particular game I'm having probs with but every 6000.prg rom I try. Here are my settings for 'Moon patrol' as you can see it's set up same as yours but still doesn't run.
  10. I’m still having no luck. Can you post a screenshot of yer settings plz
  11. At last! they work, well the cartridge .a0 roms do. The other rom types still don't though. I've deleted all non cart roms, currently on the hunt for more cartridge roms. Many thanks MacGuyver!
  12. When I switched from Win-uae to FS-uae that's one of the things I noticed. I take it you are using WHDload roms? They don't support savegame states. Unfortunately I think we're stuck with it.
  13. Here's what I did.... Set up X-Padder like this.... Then go into the rom folder and run X-pad config and set it up like this....That's it! works for me. Here's my LB settings for SFIV. Hope this helps :)
  14. Are you using this to assign the buttons? pad_config.exe
  15. Lukeyboy67

    LB reinstall.

    I'm having problems with the last two updates and want to revert back to a earlier build. All the previous updades are still in the update folder, can I install one and keep all my settings withpout problems?
  16. This problem started happening after the 8.8 update and has got worse in 8.9. When I run LB all is fine, the games load quickly with no issues. After I've played a few games the load times suddenly slow right down, from a few seconds to like 3 or 4 minutes! It happens on any system and any game. It usually happens after around the 5th game I've played but sometimes can be after the 10th or more. Exiting LB and restarting doesn't solve the problem, I have to shut down the PC. Any ideas guys? It's really hacking me off.
  17. I decided to have a clean up of my collection, deleting non working games/clones etc. So I enabled the 'allow deleting roms when deleting games' option. I checked the rom folders and nothing had been deleted. Tried several times other different platforms, same result. Nothing gets deleted.
  18. Press F11, then select Auto with F9. Not the perfect solution but it deffo speeded up and smoothed things out for me
  19. I'll check that out. Thank you
  20. So I have to edit each one separatly? There's 100's of em! Amiga escpecially. Oh well, looks like I'm stuck with em
  21. How do I stop LB from showing this info underneath the game title? The only way I've found to do it is to manually delete the text in the 'version' box in edit. I've searched the options and found no way to turn it off. Is there an option for this?
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