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  1. Version 1.0.0


    Having realised that media was thin on the ground for the Amstrad CPC, (I hate seeing all that white text in BB when logos are missing) I decided to take action. So I went on a mission to replace all that awfull text with something better. These ain't 'proper' logos. They're just ones I made on a free online font editor. Anyway, till the database gets updated these will do 507 Logos
  2. I just discovered this new emulator that does the Amstrad CPC range and the Spectrums. I'm having no luck setting it up through LB. Anyone else tried this and maybe got it working?
  3. I'm using a BB theme that shows game media, tapes, carts etc. I have 1535 Amstrad CPC roms but only 31 tape images. For all the roms missing a tape I want to show this image.... Is there a simple way of doing this? apart from copying and editing each one individually? Cheers
  4. RH, love your work, this theme is just perfect for me. I'm emulating 80 systems and you've covered them all apart from 2. Any chance, when you get time you could add them in the future please? I'm missing the Dragon 32 and the Oric Atmos. Cheers 😊
  5. I'm missing quite a few clear logos over my collection and when one is missing I get this massive text which looks awful. Is there a way to change the font to something more pleasing on the eye?
  6. Cheers! thanks for the quick reply, and goes without saying what a awesome theme! 😊
  7. Can anyone explain why I'm getting these images where the logo usually appears?
  8. Worked it out. I hit the playlist tab, then edited each one to show with platforms, sorted. Still dunno why they disapeared though.
  9. I unchecked that, rebooted BB and no difference. Am I right in thinking BB just shows whats in LB's list? Because since they've disapeared from LB they're also missing in BB. I have that switched off.
  10. In LB all my Arcade playlists Williams classics, Sega classics etc. were listed with all the rest of my platforms. They've suddenly all gone, if I select the 'Playlist' tab, there they are but I want them to be shown together in my platform list as before. They're missing now from BB as well. Have I selected some option by accident? how do I get them back?
  11. Good work! you got any more for different platforms?
  12. On a good few games the loading screen turns off to reveal LB/BB or the emulator before the game boots. Is there a way to keep the loading screen displayed until the game fully boots?
  13. Hi, need some help. I wanna play Need for Speed: Hot Pursuit 2 but I'm getting vertical red bars down the screen. I searched Google, tried a good few configs, same result. They disapear when I use Open GL but I get shit FPS. Anyone got a good config plz? Win 10 Pro 64 AMD FX 8370@4.3 AMD RX480 8gb 16gb ram Thanks in advanvce for any help Im using PCSX2 1.5.0 development build
  14. Does anyone know? I Googled it and gave up after so many different results. I'm not after a exact figure, just a round about. I just want single titles no copies from different regions. I read there are around 2650 ps1 titles, but that incudes names for the same game in different regions. I've got 1282 PS1 roms, is there a way in LB to find out which ones I'm missing?
  15. Cheers m8! That was so quick, I was expecting it to be ages if at all! excellent work, looks great. πŸ˜ƒ
  16. For Arcade, is there any chance you could show the cabinet in the bottom right where the discs/carts are shown?
  17. I have a folder with 400 roms in. When I checked LB, I have only imported 190 roms from it. Is there a way to Import just the missing roms in one go instead of individually selecting each one? Thanks
  18. My LB drive is almost full. I want to move my PS2 Rom folder to another drive. After I cut n paste it what do I do next? I don’t wanna mess things up trying to suss it myself, thanks.
  19. I love your theme but I don't like seeing a spinning box when the disc media is missing. Any chance you could leave it blank? Great work πŸ™‚
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