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  1. Sussed it! in the game press F11 then keep pressing F9 until it shows 'Auto' the games run great now with no sound issues :)
  2. That worked a treat! back to the old speed it was before, Cheers neil for the heads up
  3. Ok, thanks for the info
  4. That looks great! cheers
  5. I'm using LB Next. I have the cache set to maximum in the settings. It did help but I'm still getting slow downs. I'm interested in your hack, as long as it's not too complex and wouldn't possibly screw my LB install up. I take it you are using it?
  6. I recently transferred my LB from my SSD to a external HDD due to space issues. I knew access times would be a bit slower just not this slow! Is there any way I can force LB to cache all my images into memory as it loads/runs? I have 16gb onboard so space wouldn't be a issue. Cheers
  7. Unfortunately I didn't. Post back if you suss it plz. :)
  8. OK, Got ya. It's a AMD FX-8370 8 Core OC@ 4.3 Crazy how old games need so much power! Thing is I've seen vids of the problem games running OK in Mame on YouTube from a few years back so was convinced it was a bad rom or something. Anyway, thanks for yer help. I'll check out the mame forums.
  9. My system can play Far Cry 5 at ultra settings so I doubt that's the problem. A friend filled my HDD with Mame roms and he has the exact same problem. I emailed him and he said this.... "I have noticed that in the mame gui the ridge racer rom says this game does not have a bios. Right im 100% sure i know what the problem its.....but 0% sure how to solve it..... the problem is that it defo isnt using the namcoc74.zip (bios) so its running on normal settings i think which arent good" Does this info help? I'm baffled! Thanks for your input :)
  10. Ridge racer 1 & 2, Cyber commando, Ace Driver, Alpine racer 2, Cyber cycles. These are just the ones I tested and every one is the same. The sound is messed up and gameplay seems slow. All my other roms play fine, no probs. I re-downloaded a few of the roms and tried latest MAME build, same issue. Weird how it's only Namco games. Really want to play these so any help would be great. Cheers
  11. Hi, Could you please make a Amiga Demos logo. I love your set and I really need this to make my collection complete. Keep up the good work
  12. I currently have 67 systems so I presume it's gonna be a big job! If I just simply cut and paste my LB folder from C to my data drive will that raise any problems?
  13. Hi, I currently have Launchbox on my C drive, it's a 120 gb SSD and I'm running out of space. I've just bought a 1 tb external drive which I plan having all my roms on. I realise that all the media data, box covers, videos etc are stored in the lanchbox folder. My question is, will I have to move Launchbox over to the external drive or can I keep it on C and store the media data on the external? is this possible?
  14. Didn't work m8, must just be a little oversight in the code? Anyway guys, thanks for ya help. :)
  15. Mmmm maybe that's it? I have all the flyer art for arcade games and would just like it to show them, surely it can be implemented if it's not a option?
  16. I've imported a few playlists. All is well apart from the game images. I like my games displayed as boxart, like this.... But, on the playlists they show like this.... Is there a way to show the game box art instead of game logos? If I press my controller button to cycle the image art the boxart doesn't show up and yet it works fine on my platforms/systems. Any ideas guys? Cheers
  17. Yeah, I have a button on my controller for switching image types. It works perfect on my systems but doesn't work on the playlists. Strange, any more ideas please?
  18. Quick question. I've decided to keep a few of those playlists but have a little problem.... I like my games showing as boxes on the platform page like this :- But, on the playlist page they show like this :- Is there a way to show the game box art instead of these logos? I've gone throught the options but can't suss it out. Cheers
  19. Right! I remember I added a few roms to MAME last night so it must've created the lists then. Thanks for yer help Neil. Think I'll keep a few actually.... :)
  20. Hi guys, can someone explain what's happening here? I booted up Launchbox just now and for some strange reason a total of 18 systems have been added to my collection! Atari classics,Capcom classics, Capcom play system I & II, Cave, Daphne, Data East classics, etc, etc.... Anyone know why this has happened and how to reverse it? I'm happy with my old list and want it back as before. Cheers :)
  21. In launchbox when you click on file, game, cloud, view etc you can move your mouse left or right and each list opens. In Launchbox.Next you have to click to exit the list then click again to see the next option list. It's only a nitpick but it just feels better the old way.
  22. I don't like how when you click on a option in the menu bar you have to click again to exit instead of just cycling with your mouse. Feels awkard and rough. Please change it back to like it was in 8.2 Maybe a oversight?
  23. Perfect! Cheers guys
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