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  1. Hi, I'm using the 3DS emulator Citra. Does eanyone know the command line to force fullscreen please? ta
  2. I'm using Win-Vic and can't get any rom to load. I've tried all the different rom types, tried running them directly through the emulator, tried all the command lines, nothing! I get this screen everytime. Any help would be nice.
  3. Cheers. I think I'll leave it.
  4. Lukeyboy67

    Xbox emulator.

    Hi, whats the best and most user friendly emulator for Xbox? Looked at a few, dunno which one choose.
  5. Bit of a long shot here, I'm emulating the Amstrad GX4000 using WinApe. I've got it working apart from when I select a new game to play it always plays the last rom I played. I've searched through the forums and had no luck. Thanks in advance for any help
  6. Lukeyboy67

    NeoRaine setup

    Hi, I'm emulating the Neo Geo CD using NeoRaine. Does anyone know the command to get it to run in fullscreen? Cheers
  7. OK, got it. Cheers m8
  8. Lukeyboy67

    Launchbox next?

    Hi, My launchbox installed the 'next' update earlier but the option to try it out has not appeared at the top of my menu bar. Any ideas?
  9. Found it! loads of other cool vids too. Cheers
  10. Still can't find it. Thanks for yer help anyway
  11. Hi, I've been looking everywhere for a platform vid for this system. I found one but it's no longer available. Does anyone know if a vids been made for this and if so can yuo send me a link. Thanks in advance for any help
  12. I have a half a dozen intro videos which Bigbox chooses at random when I run it. I love this feature. Is it possible to do the same with the platform videos? I get a bit bored of the same one each time. If it's not possible, could it be implemented in a future update maybe?
  13. I've sussed it. I was using a very old build of Nostalgia, I've just installed V5.0 and it all works ok now. Thanks for your reply Retro
  14. Hi, I've just set up Nostalgia in launchbox. Problem is none of the games will run! when i click on a rom I get the little spinning loading cursor for a second then nothing. If I run Nostalgia outside of Launchbox it all works fine. Am I missing something? I've set it all up correctly as far as I'm aware. Thanks in advance for any help
  15. Hi, In Bigbox when I'm scrolling through my games, there's a screenshot in the upper right of the in-game title screen. Is there any way to change it so it shows a gameplay screenshot? I just want to see a gameplay shot instead of the boring title screen. Thanks in advance for any help
  16. Hi, I've just added the Sharp X68000, I downloaded the metadata, Everything's ok apart from the platform logo is missing. So, I grabbed one from the site and copied it to Launchbox/images/platforms/Sharp x6800/clear logo. In Bigbox the logo appears on screen but the platform logo remains the same. Any Ideas guys?
  17. I'll check it out. Thanks for your time pal
  18. Here's my settings.... Ok, so I set it to my desktop res, keeping your settings I now get this....
  19. Well at the mo they are exactly like yours. I notice your desktop is set at 2560X1440, mine is 3840X2160, maybe that's the prob? After I run a game with your settings and exited my desktop had gone to 2560X1440, so that's no good.
  20. Copied your config, I get this.... cheers anyway
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