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  1. Hello, I just got Citra installed on my android smartphone and emulating 3DS games work just great. I exported them from my pc to the Launchbox for Android "Games" folder and I can see the games in Launchbox on the Nintendo 3DS category but can't select Citra for emulation when it tells me to choose an emulator. If I start Citra via the Launchbox "Android" category, everything works just fine. How can I tell Launchbox to use Citra as the default 3DS emulator? With kind regards
  2. Thanks, I updated the App and it works for me. Only complain I'd have would be that you have to select every app by it's own and you can't select multiple apps at once.
  3. Hi, great work so far but how can I remove "games" from my "Android" platform? Not only most of my apps are now linked there but also many system programs as shown in the attached screen shot. Is there a hidden way or do I simply have to wait for an update? This would also apply to all the other platforms but as far as I'm concerned, I'd like to sort out my android platform. With kind regards, Niklas
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