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Is this a LaunchBox file?


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I really didn't know where to post this so I came here. Lately I've noticed a new file in my AppData, Local, Temp folder. Protect830ad659.dll With LaunchBox open, this file can't be deleted. Closing LaunchBox allows me to delete the file either manually or using CCleaner. Starting LaunchBox adds the file again. Nothing else on my PC causes this dll to install. Just wondering if it is part of LaunchBox and what it does.
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I would guess on the fact that you can't delete while LB is running and that running LB adds a new one each time that it is a file that is somehow associated with LaunchBox as for what it does though I couldn't say. You will probably need Jason to answer this question.
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It's nothing to worry about; we've had some major piracy with the last few versions so I recently obfuscated the EXE files. These DLLs are part of the mechanism to help prevent people from modifying the EXE files so that they can't be easily cracked. DRM is not involved in this process; it's just a mechanism to detect if the EXE is modified on startup (for example to remove the licensing requirements) and if so, refuse to start. It's a good way to help prevent people from cracking and releasing free versions of the app without inconveniencing everyone with DRM.
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