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Well, it's not due out until next Spring, but check-out this trailer: Doom 4 Some serious carnage and mayhem in this one (of course)! The graphics look top-notch (be sure to switch to HD). I still have the original Doom (and even the box) on four 3.5" floppies. (I suspect Doom 4 won't fit on 4 floppies. Laugh) It looks so pixelated now, but was cool in its day.
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Was Doom the 1st FPS game, or was it Wolfenstein (or something else entirely)? I remember some people saying it made them dizzy, or something like that, when they played Doom. Considering the graphical improvements the games have made in the last 2+ decades, it makes me wonder what will be lookin' at in another 20 years. Graphics Card technology seems to improve every 6 months (or whatever), but we must be nearing the pinnacle of perceivable clarity in the 2D realm. For me, anyway, on a reasonably sized screen (not this one (500mx32m)), I don't believe I'll be able to detect much greater clarity than is currently available. I suppose in the VR arena is where we'll see the crazy improvements in the next decade (or less). Ya gotta love it! Smile
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