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AMD's Project Quantum: The Enthusiast PC Form-Factor Leaps Forward

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This looks intriguing: Project-Quantum.jpg Project-Quantum-2.jpg Fun Facts of initial prototype: 1) Built-in Liquid Cooling 2) High-Bandwidth Memory 3) Intel Core i7-4790K “Devil’s Canyon” Processor 4) Radeon Fury X2 dual-GPU "Fiji" Graphics Card (with a mind-blowing 17 teraflops of processing power) Click here for a video clip (available in HD). The 'outboard' thing at 1'45" (and 2'38") is the power supply.
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Maddoc1007 said Watched video looks cool but says something for amd processors when they use an intel core i7 instead of their own latest cpu, tells everyone their chips are below par with intel ones.
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If you're even slightly interested in PC hardware, I suggest you watch this video. The guts of this thing are explained here, in a bit more detailed, but fun way. P.S. The very end was a bit adolescent, but I (being a little short on maturity) got a good chuckle out of it. Smile
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