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Images I add to LaunchBox are zoomed in


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Not really thats what iv done IrfanView has a batch conversion which is really really fast about 200 images in about 2 to 5 minutes depending on the size your doing without loss of image quality and if youu convert png's to jpgs they shrink from around 1 to 2mb to about 500kb for large pictures. What i initially did was go into the Launchbox image folder used the search function and typed in fanart.jpg showed all the fanart jpgs and i copied them to a folder on my desktop called fanart, then i created another folder called fanart1 the destination folder and did a batch convert to jpg to save in fanart1 folder. finally went into launchbox and the longest part was editing each game and changing the fanart there in each game, which overwrote the original fanart, afterwards i just deleted the 2 folders on the desktop. Did the same for front boxart all uniform at 500 width x 700 pixels so all my paltforms are uniform.
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In the program options allow a default, then in the game edit allow users to select an individual (overriding) setting on a per image basis. When you have your own DB, maybe you could automate this... if you catch my drift?
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I'd like to follow up on this, I'd say there are others like myself that like to individually manage our games/views rather than use DB for the lot. Also, sometimes the largest source image available isn't a good resolution (or the content is small - such as gameboy carts), so zooming them to look decent would be useful. Modifying images shouldn't be the recommendation, there are already too many low res up-sized images out there.
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