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This would be a great feature indeed. In the meantime you can use the View Manual feature as this can point to a wide range of filetypes like pdf game manuals, png and other image files and internet shortcuts (URLs). For example I use the View Manual to open ProgettoEmma information webpages for my Arcade games, see top image below. The second image is the View Manual for a BBC game showing the game's on-line map. It may be cumbersome to setup and limits you to one instance per game but it's better than nothing until something else comes along.
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Hi ayuno. This is a much better approach. I never considered using the Additional Apps method as I just assumed it only catered for executables. Not so. Apparently, Additional Apps can also be used to display documents, images etc, something I didn't know till now. With this you can have as many url links as you want for each game. Many thanks!
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Just chiming in on the wonders of the "Additional Applications" feature and its potential. It's one of the single most important features LaunchBox has, and its uses are nearly limitless. In the future I can see it being used to link the special features with movies, or discs for ripped DVD sets. Artbooks with music albums. Comics with their anniversary specials. As far as media centers go, the "Additional Apps" function of LaunchBox gives it a solid headstart for approaching the broader spectrum of entertainment, when that point comes.
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