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Odd Artwork Issue / Artwork Rundown


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I have a nice set of SNES boxes I'd like to use rather than the standard 2d fronts LaunchBox scrapped for me. I admit I don't understand the Artwork system, but it seemed straightforward enough, so I moved all of the scrapped boxes from launchbox/images/super nintendo (snes)/front And replaced them with my preferred boxes. In case this is an issue, they boxes are named the same as my roms. Now there was an effect... in LaunchBox and BigBox SOME of the front art has changed to my 3d boxes, but some have not. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to which have and which haven't. What's really odd is that I took the original scrapped boxes completely off the hard drive that LaunchBox is on, so I'm not even sure where LaunchBox is finding those versions to display. I'm sure this is user error, but any help would be appreciated. Thanks! PS. WOOHOO I get to ask the first noob question!
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Can confirm this works. Joy. :D I don't know anything about programming really but I'm assuming it cache's images for faster loading and its not always reading the directory. So I'm going to go ahead and extrapolate that changing any of the artwork should warrant a refresh. As always, these forums are incredibly responsive to user troubleshooting. Thanks for that. Just a thought now that I'm looking at it, esthetically, the 2d boxes actually look better to me everywhere but in BigBox Game Select. It's extremely minor and niche but could be a cool feature to use more than one set of box art per different menus.
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I have the same dilemma where all my 2D box fronts are a standard tower style, while my 3D boxes are a mixture of portrait (tower), landscape and squareish depending on the platform. So my 2D versions look neater in LaunchBox mode, and my 3D versions suit BigBox where only one box is seen at a time. LaunchBox doesn't currently have a feature to allow different box fronts depending on the mode (traditional or BigBox). There is, however, an unofficial workaround, but this is only valid if you are not using the Steam Banners feature of LaunchBox. Add your 2D boxart as Fronts, and add your 3D boxart as Steam Banners. Then in LaunchBox go to Tools, Options, Viewing, and make sure the Prefer Steam Banners for box art tick-box is empty. Then in BigBox go to Options, Game Images, and make sure the Prefer Steam Banners for Box Images tick-box is ticked. LaunchBox will now always show your 2D (Fronts) boxes, while BigBox will use a 3D (Steam Banner) box if available. If a game has no 3D box then the 2D box will be shown.
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