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BIGBOX visual problem


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Hi since the last couple of releases with background videos update etc my bigbox has had problems with the screen on menus moving about etc was wondering if anyone else has had this problem or a fix i have disabled background vids that did nothing and messed with over settings but to no avail bigbox will load up but the screren looks funny, then after a couple of menu chages the screen borders with its self i really hope i havent got to uninstall :(
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Wow that really sucks. Here a few thing you can maybe try: - Refresh the image cache for all images (can take a few minutes, just let it do its thing.) - If you are using any custom themes, maybe go back to the default theme to see if that helps. - Increase your Ram cache (In launchbox, its in the Tools>options area all the way at the bottom). I know this can increase performance within launchbox. - I know in the last few releases, Jason updated the .NET to version 4.6.1 in Launchbox/BigBox. Check if you have the latest versions of .NET on your computer. - maybe checking if there are any driver updates for your computer, specifically your graphics card.
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I do recommend everyone use a piece of Software called IOBit Driver Booster. I use the pro, but the free portion actually works, just a slower download speed. I do recommend this to everyone, as it scans your entire PC and updates ANY driver it founds out of date, and it's actually very very accurate. I got Jason to use it and it solved a problem he was having, and it updated something like 20 devices.
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