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Getting Arcade to work from within Launchbox (MAME)


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I have installed the stable 6.2 version and is now (re)populating the Launchbox. So far I just added the Arcade part and watched the excellent video on youtube. https://youtu.be/SUQzvbweVgw?list=PL6pTDaHeAz-WMcNURVPU-1xLN_TVpT3FB Im trying to get the games loaded but the mamewindow just pops up and disappears. mame1.PNG What am I doing wrong? Windows 10 / Launchbox 6.2 premium / 0.174 roms and 0.174 version of mame64.exe
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Yeah if your roms are located in the "roms" folder in your Mame folder it should be fine. But if you have your roms located in another place you need to set that folder. If you are using the UI version of Mame you can set it in one of the menus at the top, if you are using the command line version of Mame your mame.ini file should be in the Mame folder where the exe is located, that is where mine is located. Look for the line rompath "roms" My rompath is set to rompath "E:\Downloaded Games\Emulation\Roms\Mame Full"
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Seems like I added stuff in the mame64.exe but missed the SAVE OPTIONS after the changes was made. Since I didnt save I didnt have any mame.ini in my mamefolder.. BUT NOW its there.. And I also checked the WORLD to import the games into Launchbox... Thanks for all the (fast!) help! https://youtu.be/NjpjeRR2DUE
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