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Import Sega Model 2 and 3


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When I import me Sega Model 2 and Sega Model 3 games, all I get is a mess. I'm scraping them as Arcade.

Sega model 2 finds 20 out of 44 files but doesn't not name them properly. I only get some artwork.. Also, I have 56 games but it only imports 44 of them no matter how many times I try to import the others.

Sega model 3 finds 19 out of 41 games. It renames of a few which is better than nothing. Am I doing something wrong?



Model 2.jpg

Model 3.jpg

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For Model 3 after making additional apps for all of the games that have multiple version revision or what not I only have 22 games Virtual Striker 2 is 9 of the games 2 version of Star Wars and Virtual Fighter 3 4 versions of Scud Racer so you didn't do to bad on that

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How does launchbox scrape for ROMs when setting up new systems does it use the same database XML files that hyperspin uses, also I found using Rocket Launcher was much easier to setup systems than the setup wizard in launchbox

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Mine imported 44 out of 56 roms. Tried adding the other ones one by one and I get a pop up saying 0 roms were imported. No clue why it refuses to import them.

I agree with Mameau. RocketLauncher and Hyperspin are musch easier to set up. You just drop the database into the folder, point to your roms and you're done. Hypersync than finds all the artwork and videos for you.

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DOS76, you are right. They were under Arcade already. But why wouldn't the same game import under a different system?

Does this mean I can't have Neo-Geo AES and MVS in my collection? They use the same exact Mame roms, the difference is the AES version uses a different Bios made for the home console that allows different difficulties and trainers while the MVS Bios gives you the arcade experience. I need to try it out ASAP.

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