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Are there other options to pay?


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is there a possible way to pay with something else than kredit card or bitcoin? (I read the thread about paypal)

I dont own a kredit card. My friends only have kredit cards with region lock, Germany or Europe only (they told me, dont know if this is true). I tried to look into bitcoin but wasn able to find someone who is selling me bitcoins worth 20$.

Since Arcade Maximus doesnt fit my needs, Launchbox does, but i need BigBox and want to support this (ofcourse because i need it xD).

Maybe someone could help me.

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damn they are $5 dollars here and available in every convenience, drugstore and major retail chain in America although I don't know if those allow international transactions or not.

Ours are also throw aways use them once and dispose of them when they are empty.

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Hi Shady, my apologies for the trouble there. I'm finding that it's very difficult to find a good option to use in this scenario; as of yet I'm not really aware of a feasible option for people without credit cards outside of the US, sadly. Bitcoin should work but I'm not an expert on how it all works, other than I do know that you would need to purchase a partial bitcoin in order to get $20 worth. My apologies, I'm still researching to try and find a better solution. Let me know if you know of anything and I'll see if there's a way for us to implement it. 

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Hi, thanks for your reply.

I looked into bitcoin. Most of them are sold for about 400-500€ and more.

Some of my friends are using paysafe. I used it once, so i dont know anything about it, if its safe or not (Is it even available in the us?)

I will lookout for anything whats possible here in Germany. Maybe i will find something with a good amount of luck :D.


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1 minute ago, J.Beau said:

Oh no! I was ready to spend my money on some Big Box goodness, but I don't have a credit card or bitcoins. Who can help me out here? I do have PayPal.

Unfortunately PayPal is not I option, they refuse to work with launchbox as they are narrow mildly associating emulation with piracy and refuse to work with us. Jason has looked into other options but it is difficult some are US only so that's a issue. The only thing I could suggest at the moment is find a friend or family member with a credit card, give them the cash and get them to purchase in your name. Sorry I couldn't help you more.

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5 minutes ago, J.Beau said:

Thanks for your reply neil9000. I understand now. I don't know anyone with a credit card, so I'm going to try the bitcoins route. To be continued!

OK, bear in mind that, that currency fluctuates greatly, what may be enough for a purchase when you start the process may not be enough by the time the payment process is completed a minute later. Also I thought you said you didn't have bitcoins?

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I just opened a wallet, bought some bitcoins and bought a Forever-Updates License... then the page crashed and now I'm left with nothing. Luckily I made some screenshots along the way... Can you help me with this neil9000? Or do I have to wait for an email?




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So, I got it back... but because of the currency fluctuations neil9000 warned me about, it's not worth $50,- anymore :( Just transferred another $5,- to my bitcoin wallet. It's going to take a few hours, so I hope it will be enough by the time it arrives! To be continued...

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