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I've been experiencing some extreme slowness for launching LaunchBox/BigBox, or it's always been that way and now looking at other people's videos, it seems really slow compared to theirs. it normally takes about 20 seconds or so from launching the application. Is this normal? Also I know that because I have a full set of Arcade ROMs and full sets of consoles (NES, SNES, and such it takes a while to get all the images together, but it feels like it's way worse than it should be. My modded Xbox from 2002 runs through the list a billion times faster than Launchbox does at caching the images. I have the setting in Launchbox to use the full amount of cache available, but it still takes around 5-10 seconds to load up a system and then scrolling through games is still really really rough. Anyone have any advice or am I just stuck? I feel like everyone else's videos and stuff look crazy fast compared to mine. A i5-4690/GTX 970 with 16GB of RAM and installed on a 250GB SSD doesn't seem that it should be this slow.

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I just tested it took a 24 count for LB to load and 32 count from when I clicked the BigBox button in LB for it to appear on screen so I'm guessing your times are about right. I'm on my i5 3330 GTX950 8GB of RAM basement HTPC but these times seem the same on all my good hardware and even slower on some of my other less powerful hardware.

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