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Attract Mode enhancement - random videos from folder


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I like Attract Mode very much, but I think a terrific enhancement would be to allow the user to select a different type of mode if desired. This "alternate" mode would be to allow the user to simply point to a folder where they could store any videos they like, and Attract Mode would choose a video at random to play fullscreen. It would continue to play one video after another, and keep looping until the user takes control.

The user might want to fill this folder with their favorite gameplay videos, or maybe some really interesting game intros that they've collected over the years (which is why I'm asking for this feature!). The user has total control over displaying what they feel is the best media to show off their arcade system.

What do you guys think?

I hope you'll consider adding this feature!




Edit: Here's the link to the ticket for voting ;)



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The video folder is a great idea!

Stocking the name of the current game and restart the random selection if the same game is picked again would be nice as well : )
Sometimes you're out of luck, and the same game is selected again and again in systems featuring only a few games (like 15 - 20 games).


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Thanks Aurel. It wouldn't necessarily be a game video that is played however (although of course you could if that's what you prefer). Some people like myself might want to play cinematic videogame intros, movie snippets, vintage TV commercials for home console systems, etc.

Whatever files you put into this folder are simply played in random order. Other than not repeating the last video played, there really doesn't need to be any intelligence behind it.

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4 minutes ago, NeoXBOMB said:

This is something I'm very interested in also. Had it been implemented since this being posted?

Not that I'm aware of. Not enough votes I guess.

If you want to see it happen, go to the link for the ticket, vote up this feature, and spread the word for others to do the same.

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