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v6.11 - how to disable backgrounds on game select?

The Psychologist

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Just went from 5.8 to 6.11 an i'm curious how to shut off the garish background images that appear behind the games grid when you single-click a title? they seem to be pulled from fanart and clear logos for some reason. i prefer a minimal interface with no background imagery or animation, makes it much easier to browse. it's kind of hyperspin-esque to show random images like that IMO. thanks

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it seems like they changed this feature to pay-version only?? so annoying. so now the default free install looks like a child's program with the mismatched backgrounds popping in. it's like the devs didn't even consider how annoying it is to have the screen switching from light to dark as it loads the bg "fanart" and logos. hopefully they will sort this out asap, it's like taking a dump on top of strawberry shortcake. thanks for the idea, tho. i don't want to switch to paid yet because i clone out this free install with computer builds. i'm not going to buy the program until i have the collection as populated as i can.

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You could always delete or move the fanart if you don't want it. I'm not a fan of most of it myself.

It's in Launchbox -> Images -> [platform name] -> Fanart by default. You could do a Windows search of your LB folder for "Fanart" and cut out the folders it finds with that name and move or just outright delete them if you wanted.

I wasn't aware Image Priorities was a premium feature if that's indeed the case.

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the checkboxes are not deselectable in this free version... i am reluctant to delete fanart folders because i think they have some good images under that category from the older version of the program. it's too large a collection to manually cull via the GUI now, ..

but they did split the XML file, which is super helpful for find/replace operations :] i just hope they go back to allowing a plain gray bg in the free version ASAP.

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yeah, i'm being more aggressive about managing stuff directly in the image folders now, very easy to do. so there are no hard links in the LB xml to specific images? it just looks in the matching folders and uses the filename and folder structure to determine the role of each image? that's why i was reluctant to go in and start chopping out stuff, but now i see it's pretty simple and similar to xml-driven web apps i used to create.

next trick is to figure out the regional choices, as LB seems to scrape multiple cover images for many games (several regions). good to see them expanding the scope of this program.


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