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Platforms that won't run


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Just starting out. I added a few platforms ( 2600, 7800, SNES, NES, Colecovision, Amiga, Arcade) and find that 2600, Amiga and NES work fine but the others do not work at all. Other than Amiga the others all use Retroarch. They all loaded fine, with no errors, but when I click on the game's icon the mouse will show busy (spinning) then return and nothing happens. How do I go about correcting this ?  Where do I start ? 

I followed to same procedure I did for the ones that do work.

I'm running LB ver 6.11 on a Win7 64 bit PC.


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1 hour ago, lordmonkus said:

Make sure that the command line parameters are using the same cores that you have downloaded and are in your \Retroarch\cores\ folder.


Thanks for the reply Lordmonkus !  Could you elaborate further as I'm new and not familiar with 'command line parameters'. Where would I find them, and what would I need to match them up with ?

I followed along with a video I saw about downloading 'cores' (i believe I did that correctly). Strangely I thought a video mentioned the 2600 and 7800 used the same setup (Stella core) though the 2600 works and the 7800 doesn't (?)

Thanks again....

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Here's a few screen shots of what I have so far. Maybe they will help. Though I'm still not clear on what you meant earlier.


" Make sure that the command line parameters are using the same cores that you have downloaded"

What exactly should I be matching the command parameters with to know if they are the same ? Is there a wiki or list that would show how they should be arranged ?




default command line.jpg

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Just change the dll file name in the command line parameter to match the systems you want to emulate and if you don't have the core for a system you want to emulate you need to get the core.

So for example for the Atari 7800 change the command line parameter to:
-L "cores\prosystem_libretro.dll"

And if you want to use Retroarch to emulate the Sega Genesis you need to download the genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll core.

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no i dont have retroarch  do anything  i run everything through LB .

i separated them because i was having the same problem , i would try  and run a sega cd iso , then a psx , retroarch would launch whatever the last core i used was ,that was iso based , so i put them in separate folders and just left it core dependent ,then the other issue was resolution , 2540x1440 , only works on some system that fill the screen properly so i was getting mad how it stretched some games differently so i felt it was better to split it up


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20 minutes ago, lordmonkus said:

Well like I said above, if you are using Retroarch you need to match the dll name with the one you have downloaded or download a core and make sure the name matches up.

I see, you mean in the retroarch download ? Such as the 7800 was labeled Atari 7800 'prosystem'.  OK I think I got that, but I just looked and there are 11 SNES cores and 5 Arcade cores. Will they all work, or is there one specific one you need to choose ? 

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Ahh ok. Well you don't need to have separate installs to begin with.

If you are having troubles with certain systems, first make sure you have the cores downloaded. Second, make sure you have the correct bios files for those systems in the \Retroarch\system\ folder. You will have to find bios yourself, we cannot help you get those unfortunately. Third make sure your command line parameters are setup properly in the emulator settings window.

Stretched video is taken care of by settings in the video section, if you want stretched the aspect ratio will be set to 16:9, if you want the proper aspect ratio set it to 4:3 or core provided.

For Snes cores which one you use will depend a bit upon your system and what it can handle but I would recommend either Snes9x or BSnes Balanced Mercury to start with.

For arcade stuff I recommend sticking to a stand alone version of Mame and not using the Retroarch Mame core. FBA is fine if you want to use it for NeoGeo but it's no better or worse than Mame.

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