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Loading Splash in regular Launchbox

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In case anyone is interested, I created a little, simple executable (it's an ahk script turned into exe) that will always run in your system tray.

It sits there watching if 7z.exe is running, like when Launchbox unzips games.

So, you will get a "LOADING..." splash while 7zip is unzipping, kind of like you see in BigBox.

It will not trigger the loading splash if bigbox is running (because bigbox already has one).

The downside is that you have to double click this executable one time so it will startup, instead of LB running it. If LB runs it, it will not work because LB doesn't runs ahk scripts until after it unzips the games (probably a good thing).



Loading Loop.exe

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Yeah you sure. Could setup RL to launch emulators and games, but for me, I dont want to use RL at all (i used to use it). Launchbox does nearly all I need and is a much simpler setup.  But RL is a valid option if someone wants to go that route. 

Nice thing about LB is that there are options. 

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1 hour ago, Styphelus said:

Why not use Rocketlauncher? It does this but in a much better way.

Because RocketLauncher is an entirely overkill solution.

While I personally do not care about something like this there are lots of people that like this sort of thing and hopefully it gets integrated into LB soon.

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