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EA origin banned in Myanmar without warning


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Disgusting political-corporate reasoning to forbid access to your legally purchased games. The U.S. sanctions were already lifted, maybe this is only a mistake.

And according to that post, they did the same to Iran and nobody gave a fuck about it.

This is the reality of DRM, you are not buying games, you are only renting games.

With GOG that is not the case, once you buy it, you own it, and even if they ban you from the service you are still able to download the games you paid for.


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Are people really surprised at EA anymore (UbiSoft as well)?

I don't care how good Star Wars Battlefront, Battlefield 1 or any future game they come out with are they will never see another penny from me. People need to stop rewarding their shitty behavior or they will never try to be better.

It's just so sad they own the Star Wars gaming rights. Oh well, thankfully there are more than plenty of great games out there worth playing.

DRM is a thing that is bad but fortunately there have always been and always will be ways around that unless it's some sort of always online type of game but even then that can be circumvented in some cases.

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Globalization... "if we don´t like we will block you!!!!"

This is the future of corporate business nowadays.

Not surprised over EA at all, you can see the shitty decision they made over BF1, not allowing custom servers just with the purpose of not having a community and the ability on unplugging the game whenever they want. No more money from me anymore, glad we have the retro scene for a full time hobby.


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I can see them trying to do good and follow the law, but I can guarantee it's more of that they're a giant business that spends probably too much time and money on each decision, they probably make less than 1% gross from that country (or any other) compared to their total yearly gross and just don't want to deal with it right now, or it's on the back burner. It's probably all related to cost effectiveness bullshit.

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