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4 hours ago, Vitamina1984 said:

but where insert the custom icon png?

in the ResourceOverrides directory but where is?

You have to create the ResourceOverrides, along with any PNGs you want to use. Just place them within the directory structure, and name them appropriately so the plugin can find the PNGs. Let's say for example you just want to add a platform banner for Tandy:

   - ResourceOverrides
     - Images
       - Banners
         - Platforms
           - Banner-Platform-TANDY.png

Since you're adding a platform, you also need to make sure this platform is defined in the Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_8.dll.config file. You can also override PNGs for existing platforms, categories, etc. by just placing the PNG in appropriate directory as described.
4 hours ago, Vitamina1984 said:

thanks for your work this theme is the best!!!!


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On 6/28/2018 at 1:30 AM, Vitamina1984 said:

Hi I Have a problem whit this plugin because crash big box
my version is 8.3 and theme nostalgia and minimalx not work the last version
Why This is error?

you have a solution for this problem?
my system is windows 7 64 bit

But The version Ao.Bigbox.Themer.v3_3 work but the icon system region is not present for icon metadata

Thanks for you patience and sorry for my english!


i get this aswell cant use this theme even new version 5.4.

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13 minutes ago, andyco47 said:

version 8.9 mate.

Thanks. Is the error exactly the same as for Vitamina1984, or does it look different? I imagine the same error would occur if you tried the Nostalgia, FluxCRT, or Refaktor themes? Does it occur only on certain views or with certain categories or platforms?

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6 minutes ago, andyco47 said:

it happens as soon as it comes on.i have to exit bigbox then try again with bigbox and it happens again so cant use it ?

Thanks for providing more info. I'll have to troubleshoot a bit, as I've not seen that error on my system. I'm actually in the middle of updating my themes to support the new nesting feature of LB, so we can see if that fixes the problem. In the meantime, if you delete MinimalX from your themes folder, you can start BB and use another theme.

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5 minutes ago, andyco47 said:

still getting the error from last version so still cant use this theme.

Can you post a screenshot of the error? Also, please upload your LB log file from LaunchBox\Logs; just the log file for the failed run. The log file might have some clues. That's a lot of info so feel free to send it via private message.

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5 minutes ago, andyco47 said:

there are no log files in my log folder but here is the screenshot of error.

Thanks. What version of Windows do you run?

Pretty sure I can make a workaround for this error.

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feeling optimistic
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