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  1. @eatkinola thank you so much! ?
  2. Hi eatkinola how to insert icon this? META: GAME CONTROLLER (CUSTOM FIELD: AoController) --> because i insert name in custom field but nothing icon show? thanks for support
  3. Any news for this plugin... Is possible add a menu action custom in the game menu option?
  4. For me this is new implementation is the same option in rocket launcher I use bezel fade custom menu pause and I don't have any problem And I have a problem with pc game I use game loader rh all and insert bezel from game loader this implementation for launch box is a good idea but rocket laucher have a same option...
  5. Ok thanks for your support! Next day I search or study is possibile add a voice on menu or a work around insert this function
  6. Ok!? @eatkinola you know how create a voice menu? Is possible?
  7. Good idea but this plugin work apparence in the big box menu games or this plugin work on only pause when games is run? Because I want select option in the menu games first launch a games beacause this implementation work in rocket launcher... I hope your plugin work in the games menu and test is customizable for platforms esemple ps2 save/load or delete save Arcade delete card save For you is possible? This is implementation? And run in the launchbox 8.5 because I have all work in this version. Thank you!?
  8. HI! EATKINOLA you the is best for me because is fantastic edit this theme! But I have a question.. I possible insert a text action in the menu games Esemple: delete save game.. or in the system arcade for ic card delete ic card? I now this function is app in the menu but I want I have a simple text action erase a file (save or card or other file) Is possible for create a plugin or insert this text/function? Thanks for your work!??
  9. I'am sorry because i have automatic translator... the dolphin bar in mode 2 not work with 2 wiimote but two dolphin yes i have a wiimote motion plus not original and one work is perfect for all system because emulated mouse and now i understand the ahk script and mouse and key for other action run is perfect for elevator action death parade- gaia attack-hunted museum 1-2 for all shooter games and the game with game not arcade but console set a dolphin in mode 3 and play with wiimote and nuncuku IS ALL IS A PERFECT ? but for 2 player system arcade (beacause i divided the platform system..) not work and i asked question around and i see from the site demulshooter (which is what makes two player) people have a two dolphin bars on above and one below to make two wiimote for light gun now i implement new system Konami Bemani with dance pad when i finish the new system i buy another doplhin bar and i see work with two player but the software touchmote (for me) is more complicated for association with pc and the dolphin bar is more more easy setup for all system with nunchku and wiimote thanks for your solution @voradori
  10. ora finalmente lavoro alll yessssssssssss ? per i giochi sparatutto impostare la modalità barra delfino 1 ho il tasto per il credito e iniziare sul wiimote perfetto !!!!! per 1 giocatore next day test 2 dolphin bar 2 wimote e vedere il risultato .. grazie per la tua risposta! but i have a question is possible rumble vibration wiimote? @ voradori
  11. ok finalmente due soluzioni: 1- imposta la modalità mayflash bar 2 usa wiimote come usare il mouse (problema nessun credito pulsante e nessun pulsante ricarica e non preciso shoot) 1 player 2 imposta la modalità mayflash bar 3 usa nuncuku con wiimote come simulare la light gun ma non muovi il wiimote muovi il nunchuku (solo 1 problema si ricarica dallo schermo) more player
  12. grazie mille per la tua risposta Ho immaginato che l'unica soluzione che ho trovato era impostare la barra dei delfini in modalità 2 e usare il wiimote come un mouse in modo che funzioni con tutti i giochi e anche in Windows l'unica cosa che non funziona e sulla console non si muove il wiimote anche se il mouse è abilitato in mame in tutti gli altri emulatori per un giocatore 1 poi come leggo in giro suppongo 2 delfino bar due wiimote 2 player .. sai come far funzionare il wiimote come un mouse su mame questo dovrebbe essere visto fare. .. solo su windows e su mame no su questo puoi aiutarmi grazie per la tua risposta ... molto gentile davvero.
  13. ok thank you for you answer is really more difficolt setting wiimote in windows now i test Toids Wiimouse. my control is this... https://www.amazon.it/gp/product/B074SGR8JK/ref=oh_aui_detailpage_o01_s00?ie=UTF8&psc=1 and the dolphin bar i have two button on the back i uptade firmware i test whit another pc whit bluetooth and another software winusoft but the wiiimote not pair and the use a not mayflash bar touchmote work but not pair the wiimote now i test whit Toids Wiimouse and not work i surrender because i work for two day for this problem! oh my god is so difficult set the fu.... wiimote thanks for suport:-)
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