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I saw somewhere on the forums that someone was running the Fairchild system through Retroarch using the mess_libretro.dll core. I've got a nightly build of Retroarch dated 11.11.2016 and it appears that the core is not there, just the mess2014_libretro.dll core is available. I've tried the 2014 core but it doesn't work, mess standalone also doesn't run the games. 

I wonder why the core that I mentioned first is no longer there? Any ideas?

Do I perhaps need command line parameters added for the games to run


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I just added the games to LB and then set them up to use MAME/MESS I went to the emulator settings for MAME and put in channelf -cart and they launch no problem did you add that command to MESS under the Associated Platforms tab. For the Associated Platform make sure that the name matches the name that you gave the platform in LB.

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Mess was integrated into the newer Mame core that doesn't have a year after it and getting it to work is a royal pain in the ass. You are better off using the stand alone Mess since it is much easier to setup.

But if you insist on doing it through Retroarch here is a bit of a guide that was posted over on the Retroarch forums that was made for the NeoGeo CD so you would have to make adjustments accordingly for other systems.


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I'd like to give mess a go. Is it just a question of adding the roms and the emulator and you are good to go or is there more to it?

where do the bios files go and do they need to be named a certain way? I put all my roms in the LB usually games folder, except for FBA where it was suggested putting the roms in the emulator folder.

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I did a couple of system specific tutorials for Mess such as the NeoGeo CD and the X68000, links below. Yeah they aren't for the Fairchild but the same principles apply. Get the right bios files for Mess, put them in the Mess\roms\ folder and then edit your mess.ini file rompath folders to point to your roms folder. Brad also did some video tutorials on using Mess. Mess is not the easiest emulator to work with but once you wrap your head around a couple of the basics it's not as bad as it seems.

You will also need these 2 reference pages for other systems.




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I had already setup SNK Neo Geo CD using Brad's tutorial and my ini looks a little different to the details you have in your guide. So with your help and suggestions from DOS76 I've done the following. (See pictures)

Roms for both systems are in the games folder in the LB root, and bios files are in the mess roms folder. I'm wondering if the bios files need to be edited to be recognised. Can you guys see what I've done wrong? Neo Geo CD work just fine, Fairchild won't run.

mess.PNGedit emulator.PNGASP.PNGroms w-bios.PNG

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Thanks for the help!

All my Neo Geo CD files are zipped to save space. I removed the unzip files checkbox and my games wouldn't load. So I assume I order to make use of the bios files within the mame folder I would have to unzip the neo geo cd files so that there is no need for that to be checked and then add the mame folder to the mess ini.

Is there a way to do it any other way because I have a small amount of space on my drive to play with. I can see the sense in using the mame folder as a bios resource but as you see above it may not be possible.

Out of interest, should it be working the way I have it set up at the moment? Is it perhaps the bios files that are the problem?


Ok, so I found a bios file called the following channelf.zip and within the archive are these files

bios2.PNGI've put them into the roms folder with the other bios zips for neo geo cd and now the games launch, however not all of them load properly. with a lot of them I get a green screen with the letters G? in pink , where as with the ones that work I get the green screen then they load load any ideas?

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