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Looking for controller reference image


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Hi folks!


Im looking for a image with the most common gamecontrollers for button reference.

my collection up til today includes 

  • arcade
  • nes
  • snes
  • n64
  • sms
  • genesis
  • sega cd
  • psx

The idea is to have a look at the image, se that the actual button1 on my cab is binded to button A for the nes controller etc etc..


But im having a hard time finding a nice grafic were the above controller is represented.

Any other idea to inform about the key konfig/bindings is also appriciated. 

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17 hours ago, Charco said:

Herb Fargus has some that may or may not be of use to you over on the RetroPIe Wiki (which is very in depth by the way, would be great to have something similar here).


Thats great! thanks! Im going for a colorcodeing on the buttons. Then add a ring with the same colors on my cab control panel. I can post my progress here if someone is interested with a ref pic on my cab. i have 2 player with 8 button eatch. start p1, start p2 and coin

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I just wanted to share my reference of controller mappings to be. im not done. Maybe this can turn into a generic AI file that will have all kinds of controller to select from if people are interested in doing there own versions.

  •  Menu is kinda done.
  • The reference for Snes is done. 



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@Jason Carr

This topic just gave me an idea for a great feature request. What if in place of the "Loading Game..." screen BigBox throws up, you had it display an image of the controller mappings before it goes into the game. It's a helpful thing to want to look at while waiting for the game to load, and I have friends come over to play on my BigBox setup all the time that unfortunately are always so confused on button mapping. In particular mapping N64 controls onto a XB360 controller isn't the most intuitive thing.

I imagine if just an extra field was added to each platform entry for "Controller Map Image", you could add a toggle option to show that instead of "Loading...". I would use this for an image illustrating how the buttons of the original system (N64, PSX etc) map onto the physical controller I'm using. Could be just as useful for those emulating console games on arcade cabinet-style controls.

If a similar field was added for games themselves, one could specify a controller map labeled with actions specific to the game itself.

Just seems like a fairly simple feature to add.

I'd like to figure out where the RA team got these nice controller images: https://github.com/retropie/retropie-setup/wiki/retroarch-configuration



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