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Background Images in Launchbox & CPS2


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Hi Folks,


I am slowly working my way around Launchbox and I have to say the learning curve is much easier than Hyperspin ever was.  I do, however, like both for their own reasons.

I have a couple of quick questions.

1. Within Launchbox I am presented with my list of games. When I click on a game to see the details, a background image (Fan Art) loads behind all of the game icons.  I would prefer a black or static background, as I find it hard to see the other game icons once one game has been selected.  Is this possible?

2. Capcom Play System 2 -Should I bother?  I have got FBAlpha up and running with CPS1, but cannot get a single CPS2 game to load with FBAlpha or the Retroarch FBAlpha core.  I have followed the same import and emulator assignments as I used for CPS1, but there is no "1944" or "Marvel vs. Capcom" love for me.  I get a full screen of darkness and then it flickers back to Launchbox and then back to a full screen of darkness again.  It is not a big deal, but I was hoping to separate all systems into their own platforms e.g. NES, Super NES, MAME Arcade, CP1 Arcade, CPS2 Arcade, NeoGeo Arcade etc.  It looks like FB Alpha knows to load the rom, but is looking for something else to help it along.  

I have attached a list of the games I am trying to get running (CPS2 Games Collection) and a list of the roms I have for these games (CPS2 Roms Collection).

Maybe someone else here can see what I have overlooked.





CPS2 Games Collection.rtf

CPS2 Roms Collection.txt

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I believe that the ROMs used have to be updated as they added some new files to them or something I recall seeing this at a glimpse but not really worrying about it I believe if you use the older CPS2 specific core in RA it will work without getting new ROMs

You can go into options and change your background settings in LB from the tools menu

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