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  1. I cannot seem to find the "Guide" button mapping that you are referring to. I have mapped both my XBox 360 controller "Start" and "Select" buttons to be my exit routine from games using Retroarch. When I press the "Start" and "Select" buttons, when in the game, I am still being brought back to Retroarch rather than back to Launchbox when I exit a game.
  2. I am not sure, but I will check today. I was not sure if I should resolve this issue within Retroarch or Lanchbox. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  3. Hi Folks, I am putting the final touches on my Launchbox (Licenced Version) HTPC system and have one minor issue to sort out. I have most of my emulators running through Retroarch within Launchbox. I have mapped my exit game key for use with my XBox 360 PC controller. When I exit the game it sends me back to the Retroarch UI instead of the Launchbox UI. I can scroll down within the Retroarch which then takes me back to Launchbox, but I do not want inexperienced users navigating around my precious Retroarch UI. How do I go about setting the exit routine to navigate itself back to Launchbox? Thanks. John
  4. Every time I go to put the cherry on the top of my Launchbox project, I stumble across another cool post like this. I am expanding my ExoDOS collection (it is truly epic) now and cannot wait to get it rocking in Launchbox. I was busy dusting off old DOS floppy disks to get into Launchbox, but ExoDOS just saved me a huge amount of time. Thanks to all the folks who have been working on Launchbox, ExeDOS, Retroarch, Onbroken Software Tutorials etc. You guys are the rock stars at my place. It is great to be emulating in fashion. Cheers. JOhn
  5. I managed to get MAME to run CPS1 and will try it on CPS2 tomorrow. Thanks for the background tip. I looked there but did not notice it. I will look again tomorrow.
  6. Hi Folks, I am slowly working my way around Launchbox and I have to say the learning curve is much easier than Hyperspin ever was. I do, however, like both for their own reasons. I have a couple of quick questions. 1. Within Launchbox I am presented with my list of games. When I click on a game to see the details, a background image (Fan Art) loads behind all of the game icons. I would prefer a black or static background, as I find it hard to see the other game icons once one game has been selected. Is this possible? 2. Capcom Play System 2 -Should I bother? I have got FBAlpha up and running with CPS1, but cannot get a single CPS2 game to load with FBAlpha or the Retroarch FBAlpha core. I have followed the same import and emulator assignments as I used for CPS1, but there is no "1944" or "Marvel vs. Capcom" love for me. I get a full screen of darkness and then it flickers back to Launchbox and then back to a full screen of darkness again. It is not a big deal, but I was hoping to separate all systems into their own platforms e.g. NES, Super NES, MAME Arcade, CP1 Arcade, CPS2 Arcade, NeoGeo Arcade etc. It looks like FB Alpha knows to load the rom, but is looking for something else to help it along. I have attached a list of the games I am trying to get running (CPS2 Games Collection) and a list of the roms I have for these games (CPS2 Roms Collection). Maybe someone else here can see what I have overlooked. Cheers. John CPS2 Games Collection.rtf CPS2 Roms Collection.txt
  7. My bad. All is good now. Thanks for pointing that out. [emoji3] Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  8. I may have been messing around with the shaders ;-) See below. It is fixed now.
  9. Okay. I fixed the problem. I was using a nightly build, but after re-installing Retro Arch, it looks like all is good in Segaland. Thanks for following up with me Brad and Monkus. I realized it was not core related as the same problem was happening with the Sega 32X games too. Life is good again. Now to tackle the Dreamcast. I am so glad we no longer need third party iso mounting software to play. :-)
  10. Thanks. I checked my viewports and they look like yours. As far as converting the iso to bin etc. I think I will just try and find the right cue/bin files. This is how it shows up Thanks for the quick reply
  11. Hi Folks, I have been monkeying around with emulators and front-ends for several years and just discovered Launchbox, which I immediately backed after trying it out. So far, I have been getting my head wrapped around some of the more complex emulators, but ran into a minor problem with my Sega CD setup. I am using Retro Arch as my emulator and have genesis_plus_gx_libretro.dll as my core to run my .bin/.cue game combos for my Sega CD games. I have just loaded up three games to see how it runs. I am able to get all three games (Dragons Lair, Lunar - The Silver Star & Sonic CD) running with no issue. The problem, however, is with how the games are displayed. Lunar - The Silver Star displays properly and uses up the entire 4x3 screen area that it should. Dragon's Lair and Sonic CD, on the other hand, initially display as they should through the launch screens, but as soon as the game starts, the image screen is pushed to the left 3rd of the screen and is skewed. The remaining 2/3 of the right side of the screen is black. I have poked around in Retro Arch and searched the web for a solution, to no avail. I even looked to see if there may have been a unique bios required for these two games, but I did not see that option in RetroArch I was going to test some other games, but they are in an .iso and .ape format and I am not sure how to convert them to a .bin/.cue format. Has anyone experienced this video issue before? If not, maybe I have a couple of bad bin/cue files. Having said that, how would I convert the .iso/.ape combo to bin/.cue Thanks for any assistance that you can offer. John P.S. Launchbox, where have you been all of my emulating life? Love it.
  12. So I got The Medafen core setup in Retro Arch. I then got it setup with Launchbox. The two bios for Medafen were placed in the "state" folder for Retro Arch. I first selected Virtua Fighter (US).iso with the matching .cue file and Launch Box crashed. Back to the drawing board with the Batsugun (J).iso and cue file. I got through setting the time and then was halted at the boot menu, indicating there is something wrong with my .cue file. Having said that, I would like to trouble shoot this and would like a recommendation on what working .iso and .cue rom file I should use that works with Medafen. Thanks. John Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
  13. Good to know as I planned to try it tonight. I am an old Hyperspin user and currently use it for my MAME cabinet. I am now moving to my home theatre to get consoles rocking after I saw how awesome Launchbox was. I purchased the premium version and also grabbed Retro Arch. I have NES roms running fine on Launchbox through Retro Arch, which is using Nestopia. I need to get my head wrapped around this so I can get the Saturn up and running. This id my question. Do I use Retro Arch and load the Medafen or RA Saturn emulator as a core? Then do I point to the ROMs? Then do I load Launchbox and import roms for the Saturn. I then point to Retro Arch and should be good to go? I am also using Win 10. Sent from my SM-N900W8 using Tapatalk
  14. This is great to know, but I am still struggling to get Yabause or SSF to run with my registered version of Daemon Tools. I hope to use your Launchbox tutorial when I do. I wonder if Retroarch might. Be a better way for me to go. Sent from my iPad using Tapatalk Pro
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