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GLupeN64 and High Res Textures


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Just so no one get stuck with this problem again I will share the complete solution for the issue I was having:

To get a Hi-res texture pack you will need to do the following:

1) Create a _HIRESTEXTURES.htc file with the Prefix of the internal name (i.e. SUPER MARIO 64_HIRESTEXTURES.htc, note that the internal name is different to the file name)

2) If you had your texture pack uncompressed ( a pack of .pngs or .bmps in a folder) you need a critical step to make to obtain the *.htc file as currently the libretro implementation of Mupen64Plus doesn't read uncompressed packs or create .htc files by itself. Use any standalone emulator like Project64 and the GlideN64 plugin (not to be confused with the old Glide64 made by the same author) and here is the key part, after putting the uncompressed folder on the correct path read by the plugin ( it defaults to ./plugin/hires_texture on PJ64) select on GlideN64 "Texture Enhancement"options "Save enhanced texture cache to hard disk" AND "Compress texture cache" ( this step is very important as its the main reason why some htc files cant be loaded on RetroArch, because the libretro core ONLY reads compressed htc files and the standalone plugin reads both)

3) After all this put your downloaded or newly created htc to your "RetroArch/system/Mupen64Plus/cache" folder and don't forget to set "Use High Res Textures=True" and "Use High Res Full Alpha Channels=True" on the core options

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