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Top lists for games?


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Oh sheesh. This is going to be a highly opinionated thread, so a warning to everyone who reads this just to be safe: lets keep it civil, they're opinions that everyone is entitled to. ;)xD

That said, I think RacketBoy does an amazing job at that with their Hidden Gems pages. These lists were fairly popular pre-youtube and they mention the more notable games of a console, the obvious ones like a Mario or a Zelda, but then go in to some Hidden Gems. They also do it for each system broken down by Genre which is nice. Hidden Gem though in it's self is a loaded statement now days because "Hidden Gem" is thrown around a lot, and a lot of actual hidden gems I would say are fairly well known to the retro community at this point, so honestly, you might know of several, but it's still a good list.

Hardcore Gaming 101 isn't a list site specifically but is amazing (they sometimes might run an article that is listy or hidden gems type but it's not their focus). If you are in to Japanese games or random games that not too many people have heard of, and even some other more well known ones, they cover and review a lot of off the wall and random stuff. It's not ordered like a Hidden Gems or Top what ever list, so there is a bit of work to be done on the user (a bullet point list tells you squat about anything anyways), but I always find interesting stuff on there. Even if I know of a game, the site has propelled me to search out english translation patches that I otherwise wouldn't and play some odd and amazing games.

Those are two sites that I respect the most, and if you are looking for even more generalized lists from a committee type situation, IGN does top what ever lists for tons of systems, and they try to update them after the fact every so often. I also think that IGN gets a ton of unwarranted flak for a lot of crap, especially running "top" articles. However, It's really good to go through those too, especially for a wider range of titles. Just search IGN Top <insert console> and you'll probably find something.

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thank you so much! that Racketboy site is one I used long ago but forgot about so that is super helpful. I am happy with whatever ppl share as I know opinions differ and probably will keep or at least try most that get suggested. Just when you have like 3000 GBA games taking up space makes you wonder why am I doing this to myself lol. 

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I love the "look at what I got" to show off but I am just out of room and dont see me adding any anytime soon lol. With the older consoles it is hard as most games were pretty good and have their own "shine" once you get towards the N64/ps1 days it was lets see how much crap we can pump out and make ppl buy. 

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I can only agree with what was already said in the thread. HardcoreGaming101, RacketBoy and RetroSanctuary are all very good. Especially HG101, love that site.

I also recommend the YouTube Channel of MetalJesusRocks. He has a lot of great buying guides (essential games for each console) and Hidden Gems videos:



If you want a great “Best Games of All Time” list, I recommend http://www.pwnrank.com/top-100

They have compiled over 80 different "Best Games of All-Time" lists from all over the web and created with an algorithm the “definitive” Top 100 based on that data. There’s also a nice filter option you can use to create Best Of lists for different platforms, genres or years. Or you can just use it to get you a Top 500 Best Games of All Time list.


EDIT: For Arcade/MAME games there's also a great "All killer, No Filler" list out there:


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