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Scroll delay when scrolling through games


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I've noticed a slight scroll delay when scrolling through the games list. It's small (about 0.2 seconds) but enough to be noticeable and to make the app feel a bit less responsive. I wondered if it was to do with me running Launchbox on a Mac via Parallels (Windows VM), though other apps within Parallels (such as MS Edge) don't exhibit this scroll delay. To be clear, I don't mean a delay in the rendering of the thumbnails, I mean a delay in the scrolling action itself. Is there anything I can do here? Thanks.

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To be honest I think that you are actually the first user I've ever seen who is using Parallels to run LB on a MAC so it is uncharted waters. In LB/BB I see scroll delays on some of my less powerful hardware. On my i7 desktop though I can scroll through like its the Prices Right Wheel on my trackpad I can get to the bottom on my SNES list 733 games in 3 swipes.

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Thanks for your input DOS76. My hardware is a 2016 MacBook Pro (Intel i7, 16GB Ram, 1TB SSD). I wouldn't have expected any scroll delay.

Regarding your comment of scrolling through your list in 3 swipes - I can do something similar - i.e. there is no reduction to the actual speed of the scrolling once started; it's just the initial response to the user input that is delayed.

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