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Set different icon size per system


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That's a pity; it would be a great addition to Launchbox. I have it set up in 3d box mode, and for some systems the angle of the box is quite acute (e.g. SNES), necessitating a larger thumbnail in order to see the artwork clearly.

May I also ask if it is possible to change the angle of the 3d box artwork, or is this set? I don't know why the SNES artwork is at such an angle. A few occasional games are at a more upright angle, but most lie quite flat.

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1 minute ago, Dan said:

is possible to change the angle of the 3d box artwork

It's just a static image like anything else, so no.

All of those are user created/submitted. You could request alternate ones on the forums but obviously it's quite a time-consuming process to create new ones and upload them all for the entire SNES library, so it's unlikely there will be a completely new set created just to change the angle. It's not out of the realm of possibility of course, just not very likely.

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