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How can used ScummVM RA core with Launchbox?


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Is there a way to launch ScummVM games through Retroarch Core in LB? It would be even enough to just click on a scummvm game on LB and that only redirects you to the main ScummVM retroarch menu. I guess you can launch ScummVM games with Retroarch core directly, but it should be possible to let them run at least the main screen of the core. Am I right? It's that ScummVM Retroarch core it's the only way for me to fix that annoying and frustraing screen issues. I definitely changed my mind about retroarch, it definetely makes things easier... :P

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Okay, so I was able to get this to work using the first method listed here. I tried the second method as well (using a .scummvm extension) but was unable to get it to work - it would only boot into the ScummVM UI, not a specific game.

So using the first method I'll use Beneath a Steel Sky as an example. I'm using the CD version available directly from the ScummVM site.

The game comes in a zip named bass-cd-1.2.zip.

1) Unzip the contents so that you now have a folder named bass-cd-1.2

2) Rename the folder to "sky" (from the short name list found here)

3) Direct Retroarch (via Launchbox in this case) to any file contained within that folder (I used the sky.dsk file)

It launches directly into the game.

I don't have Launchbox at my disposal here at work, but you can achieve the same result as Launchbox by using a custom Windows shortcut so that's what I did to test it. I created a shortcut to Retroarch.exe, right-clicked and selected properties, in the target field after Retroarch.exe I added in -L "cores\scummvm_libretro.dll" "Roms\ScummVM\sky\sky.dsk". This is the same thing you're doing via LB with an emulator entry + associated platform.

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Hi Zombeaver,

Sorry but I did not understand the second part of your tuto.

So I renamed my Scummv games and now I can launch them from retroarch.

But with Launchbox,its not working.

My Scummvm games are categorized as DOS games in launchbox (is it bad ?), and I associated the ScummVm core with retroarch.

And what is next step ?

From the "Retroarch.exe shortcut" story, Im lost and I dont understand what I need to do



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You can have them mixed in with normal DOS games, the only problem is that if you have non-ScummVM DOS games that need to be run with DOSBox you'll have to mix and match the emulator used from one game to another within the same platform - DOSBox for normal DOS games and ScummVM for ScummVM games. There's nothing wrong with that per se - my "arcade" platform, for example, is a mix of RA MAME, RA FBA, and MAMEUI - but it's a layer of complication that you could avoid if you split them out into a separate ScummVM platform. You can still scrape them as DOS games (via "scrape as") even if you have a separate ScummVM platform, so you'll still get the proper media/metadata even if you have them in a separate ScummVM platform - that's what I do.

In any case, all you need to do in LB to get it to work is treat it like any other RA core - in your Retroarch emulator entry, add in your associated platform (either DOS or ScummVM - whatever the platform is named that has the games, that's what it needs to be named) then in the default command line parameters field to the right of it enter the core dll, so -L "cores\scummvm_libretro.dll".

At that point all you need to do is make sure your game entry is directed (via the rom path) to any file within the folder of the game you want to play - in the example I gave above for Beneath a Steel Sky I used sky.dsk

6 hours ago, hostile75 said:

From the "Retroarch.exe shortcut" story, Im lost and I dont understand what I need to do

You don't actually need to do any of that - I just did it that way because I was at work and didn't have LB at my disposal. You can replicate the behavior of LB by simply editing the target path of a Windows shortcut. That's basically all LB is doing - giving you a nice looking, easily organizable, collection of Windows shortcuts - injecting or not injecting any special parameters that you specify via command line.

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