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Where do I find good sources to find missing games media?


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I know it may silly question(or maybe it's actually a stupid question), but where do I find the missing media I'm unable to find through LB or Emumovies? There are several platform where some games lack cover media, videos or screenshot. Just by way of examples in CPS2 platform I'm missing some clear boxes and logos which is quite strange...

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Google is your friend to find missing things I just put in the title and do image searches when necessary. Some platforms finding anything beyond the front box can be quite a challenge. For CPS-2 try gong to Tools manage platform changing CPS-2 to scrape as Arcade (if it isn't already) then go to your CPS-2 platform highlight all games using Ctrl+A and go up to Tools Download media and metadata and run the wizard choose to get stuff but not replace what you already have and that might get you some better results.


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You can try MobyGames, others websites that are old-school oriented, GameFAQ's surprisingly has a lot of artwork, and then of course like Derek said Google. As long as those sites don't care that it's uploaded elsewhere (MobyGames might, but I don't know), then please feel free to upload them to the database. Just please follow the Community Guidelines.

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For arcade flyers, http://flyers.arcade-museum.com/

For arcade and sega consoles https://segaretro.org/Main_Page

For nintendo consoles pal and japanese http://www.nintandbox.net/

For NEC consoles http://www.pcengine.co.uk/

And for good cover of many consoles, the thumbnails of http://www.play-asia.com/

they restore and clean the covers to view in the web. Many of my superfamicom contributions come from here with 820x1500 resolutions.

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