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Things we could learn from a Android frontend.


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Well lately i got a ott box or Android TV box or anything You would Like to call it :D And i would really like to use launchbox frontend on it, but unfortunatelly it is not There yet, so i have found this app called retroboxtv, which is interesting to use with Android TV boxes, And i saw somethings that i would love to see in bigbox like:

1. Pause screen which for me is very important specially If you are using bigbox with a controller (which i guess it is the purpose of it) so you can save And Load States direct from gamepad wothout have to leave the couch xD

2. It automatic download the emulator files (which i guess it is retroarch) And set everything up by itself.

3.It even have a kind of cloud where you can store your saves And use it on other devices from There.

4. Just to make myself clear I am not saying it is better than launchbox at all (they are even at diferent OS) this is Just something i would like to see in launchbox, and I wish we had a Android version of launchbox/bigbox, so i would use it for sure, because it is my favorite frontend.:)







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1. You can already save and load states using the RA XMB if you set a controller button combination to access it in game. I use Down + L + R + Y. Or you can hotkey bind save and load states to a controller button combination in RA so you don't even have to access the XMB at all.

2. You can use the Online Updater to download emulator cores directly from the RA XMB.

3. You can specify your saves to go into a folder that is synced with Dropbox to do this.

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