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Launchbox and Hyperspin dual setup - symlink question


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Hi guys!

I've recently bought Big Box and I simply love it! I had a pretty huge hyperspin setup before trying to switch to launchbox and I'm having one issue.

I'm going to keep both front end, mainly because some of my friends wants my setup, but I can't give them bigbox for free, so I'm keeping Hyperspin.

I know I'll need every media twice, but I would love to save some space for at least roms/games and videos. I was just wondering, If I created a Symlink to my whole game directory and a symlink for my video folder from the Launchbox directory to my Hyperspin directory, could I rename the symlinked files to what I want to , without affecting the original file name in the original folder?


SNES roms set is the No-intro. Launchbox figures out by itself how to deal with those files, but Hyperspin needs the filename to match the XML. create a symlink of my snes roms folder into Hyperspin directory and then rename the symlinked romsfiles, without affecting my original No-Intro naming convention in the process.


Would it work? I know this is not just launchbox related, so sorry in advance, but help would be greatly appreciated!



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Wow! ok thanks a lot for the info, I'll save up tons of space by doing so :)


Ahhhh that would've been awesome if it worked. Now I just need a way to change all of my Hyperspin XML files to match the No-intro renaming convention.


First time posting in the forum and I already got clear answers to my questions! already loving this community :D 

Thanks a lot guys! looking forward to the audit tools in LB, just started using it a couple of minutes ago by upgrading to the beta release. Wish me luck ;) 

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