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  1. Very hyped for this feature! I've built my own list of coop games for some consoles, but consoles like the Turbographx 16 and some others weren't very popular in my home town back in the early 90s, so I don't know much about those game libraries. Having this feature will surely make me discover new games I've never played before :)
  2. I've been looking at the website's news section EVERY day (and I'm not joking) to be there first day when the sub-folders/nested folders comes out! This is one feature that Hyperspin never had, which I'm hopping LB will do in a near future. Gotta say though, all the work that was put in the new interface was worth it :) my LB loads so much faster and everything is MUCH smoother than with the previous interface.
  3. Thanks for the reply. I'll probably upgrade my total ram count from 8gb to at least 12gb. There's a constant stuttering going on with my BB, but I know some users on the forums that has a way bigger library than mine and it looks like theirs are running fine. I spent too much time adding content than polishing my setup. Plus with some of the features that were chosen on the last poll, so much great things to come, it's a never ending project :D
  4. The performance difference between regular launchbox and launchbox.NEXT is phenomenal! NEXT performs way faster :) Is there any chance that such an improvement could be applied to BigBox also in the future?
  5. I just started moderating like a week ago. I actually never saw that I could until now! I'll try to put a bit more effort into it to help you guys out with the queue line. Totally agree on some comments here, sometimes I see the exact same image that was already there and the difference is like per example 480x180 vs 480x179 pixel. Quality is exactly the same, but the only difference is 1 or 2 pixels.
  6. @Starbuck Your request sounds like one of the features that was on the poll : Nested Folders Basically it would let you create sub folders in an already existing platform (Example): Super Nintendo ---> USA ----> JAPAN ---> EUROPE ---> HACKS ---> Prototype etc. so when you click on a platform, you would have other sub-menus available to choose from. That's how I would like it, that's how some on the bitbucket.org issue tracker wants it. Is it how Jason is going to implement it? not sure, but whatever he comes out with, I'm sure it'll please the LB fanbase If I remember correctly, this wasn't the top priority on the poll list. This feature is great for anyone with a very large library, but not as much for someone with a "normal" library size. I've been wanting a feature like that since I first started working on Hyperspin. As soon as I saw how LB was developing so fast, I switched right away. Jason came up with so many features that I didn't expect, it's always exciting when I see a new beta coming out!
  7. I can say that My PC (Which is in a definitive needs of a upgrade!) couldn't keep a smooth experience before I upgraded it a little bit. Originally I had 8Gb of rams and only HDDs for LB. at below 10K total games count, it was running ok considering you already cached most of the images through scrolling your whole library. I5 3570K 3.4ghz stock (easily 4.0 ghz with a little tweaking) 670 GTX 8Gb of Rams 120gb SSD and over 12TB of HDDs. But when I upgraded my LB and medias to an 500 GB SSD plus doubling my rams up to 16Gb, it's running a lot more smoother than it was before! It made a HUGE difference. But I know what you mean by the occasional very "Minor" but noticeable stutter. Don't know how many games you got in your library, but I'm currently at over 20K and it's running more than ok for me. Launchbox.Next though... WOW this thing runs smooth on anything, even my laptop from work! I don't know if those optimization can be applied to BigBox also (BigBox.Next?), but If it can, that would be awesome
  8. So judging from the results, rotating CD didn't made the cut right? Lots of the new features will surely help some of us get rid of Rocket Launcher actually surprised that the Spinner feature wasn't voted that much. great for Cab designs. So many features.... I think were asking too much of you loved the way you went to create the poll by taking your personal time to stream and write down every feature we've asked. Kudos to you and your amazing coding skills!!
  9. well polls seems to be done for now. Wanted to add an extra vote for the rotating CD, but I guess at this point my input wouldn't have change the outcome. I'm actually very curious as to what was the top 10 most voted features There were so many good features and only a handful of them will make it. Looking forward to the results!
  10. @Lordmonkus ok, we want the exact same thing and that's good I'll look into what you mentioned as a workaround when I'm back from work! I got a dual setup of both hyperspin and LB, but having it with Sym-link like I did is A LOT of manual work. I only kept my Hyperspin setup mainly because I intend to give my setup to some of my friends for Christmas and since BB isn't free, I'll have to give them Hyperspin (PS.With a video teaser of my BB launching to make them buy it afterwards ) I'll be sure to vote for this upcoming feature in the next poll!
  11. Exactly this! Let's give a quick example: I have all of my SNES roms in one single folder, regardless if it was a translation, USA, EUR, etc. I want a SNES list based on USA titles, One as Japanese rom set, a translation rom set, hacks section. Those list needs to share the same artwork (Video, Box, Cart, etc.) so there's no duplicate image in LB. I've started doing sym-link folders of different rom set and let LB scans those folders as seperate platforms, but I would love to get all the SNES list in one sub menu, so whenever I choose SNES in BB I don;t have to deal with playlist or such: 1. Super Nintendo Entertainment System a.USA b. JAPAN c. Translation d. Hacks Instead of what I have right now: Super Nintendo Entertainment - USA Super Nintendo Entertainment - JAPAN Super Nintendo Entertainment - TRANSLATED Super Nintendo Entertainment - HACKS Super Nintendo Entertainment - COMPLETE <<< This list would be all roms from all regions with the translated versions overwriting the original language versions and adding the JAPAN and EUROPE exclusive that are not in the USA Romset. If I was able to do this, my setup would finally be complete and done! I'm hoping 2018 brings us something close to this (I don't think this feature will make it for 2017)
  12. Exactly this: https://bitbucket.org/jasondavidcarr/launchbox/issues/534/option-to-create-custom-submenus-and This is the highest voted "Issue/Enhancement" there is on bitbucket right now and has been since a long time. At first, the nested filters sounded like it would be exactly this, but in the end it was something totally different (still very nice feature though!). Next poll, I really hope it gets there. Please @Jason Carr consider it for one of the entries! I'm very happy with the product I've bought and looking forward to the next update.
  13. Sub-Menu for platforms is all I ever wanted since I first started building my Hyperspin setup in 2011. I mainly changed from HS to LB because new features are on the way, so I'm still hoping this feature makes it
  14. this is my most wanted feature of all time! I've voted for it on the bitbuckets. I'm hoping it's in the next poll of wanted features, because I'm voting for this as number one! Polls like those really tackles the most wanted features and adding some of the top voted bitbuckets issues/features would be perfect for the next poll.
  15. submenus are a must in BigBox also! When choosing a platform, if we could choose which sub-wheel pops out in BigBox that would be Epic! Like per Example: Nintendo Entertainment System ---> North American Official Romset ----> Japan Official Romset ----> Translated and hack roms -----> Coop Games Those are the kind of subwheels I would like! plus if we could share said sub-wheels with others via the games DB, I would ditch Hyperspin right away and never ever open it again. Launchbox would be the absolute master in retro game interface for me if such a feature comes in. @Jason Carr if you can make it happen, I think a LOT of cabinet owners will be pleased from it But again, each of the updates that came out recently were phenomenal! continue your great work, it's really appreciated.
  16. @kmoney "I know over in the HS community they have been wanting this feature for years. " THIS! I've switched to Launchbox in December 2016 and instantly bought Big Box when looking at the Issues Section for the nested filters. Hyperspin didn't received any substantial updates in years and it's too bad because people will start to switch to something more modern looking (AKA Launchbox!). My goal is to make a sub wheel of "Official USA Complete Rom Set", "Official JPN Complete rom set", "Translated Rom set", Hacked and Mods Set", etc. Having sub-wheels like how @DJQuad described it in the first post is EXACTLY what Iv'e been waiting for. Jason already did a Superb job in bringing us what we really wants and this is what's making launchbox so special and rich featured! Worth every penny of the $20 I spent for it and will surely be upgrading to the forever licence as soon as this feature gets out
  17. Thanks for replying so fast! First problem is that each time I boot my computer, the 4-Play takes 4 IDs and My PS4 controllers take 4 other IDs. The order isn't consistent, it can be different at each boot or could be the same (WinMM, Direct Input and Xinput all acts differently). Now Per example when configuring an external emulator which ain't Retroarch, let's say project 64 or epsxe. My first setup would be with the 4 play as JOY (1) for player 1, Joy (2) for player 2, etc. Then comes a time when I just want to switch to the PS4 controllers. My PS4 controllers are Joy (5) for Player 1 wireless, Joy (6) for Player 2, etc. Since my PS4 controller ain't Joy (1), it doesn't work, plus even If I could change the JoyID to 1, the buttons numbers ain't the same on each other so I get wrong inputs. That's why I was wondering if there was an app to create 4 virtual usb gamepads. They would connect as ID 1,2,3,4 and then I would just throw the inputs of my physical controllers to the virtual ones. That way, even if my joystick ID was 13 for my 4Play and 9 for a PS4 controller, it would still work. I'm probably being too picky on this. that's why I thought about creating 2 full setups of control options with 2 sets of emulators (when not provided by retroarch). I'm looking to create a setup that you don't have to touch the keyboard ever and just automate everything in the background. BTW again, I don't know how JoyID works, so maybe it's just me being too much of a noob with it Big thanks for the indication of the second install, for now it's the only option I was able to come out with, but didn't know how to proceed.
  18. Hi! I'm making a BigBox Console and I'm having some trouble with my controllers configuration. I bought 2 years ago an adapter called the 4-Play which is basically a multi adapter for any video game controller and allows hot swapping on the fly. The thing is, I want 2 setups for my "Console" and be able to change from one to the other: 1 is all configured with the 4-Play which is fairly easy to do 2 is with 4 PS4 Controllers Wirelessly via DS4windows (or Input mapper) I was wondering if there was any apps that would virtually create 4 Always-on Gamepad that I could configure in all my emulators/PC games and then send my physical gamepad inputs on those virtual gamepad? Windows way of handling USB devices is giving me a hardtime. I know what vjoy and JoyID is, but I wasn't able to find a good setup using those. Maybe I didn't do it properly. Using Xpadder or any keyboard input setup is a no go since when playing games after the N64 generation, you need the joystick sensibility for all 4 players. My last resort option would be configuring 2 sets of emulators, but I'm not sure how to create 2 launchbox sharing the same medias, but not the same configurations. I've been trying to get rid of this issue since I started working on my Hyperspin setup 4 years ago and I wasn't able to find a solution since then.
  19. @neil9000 Wow! ok thanks a lot for the info, I'll save up tons of space by doing so @RetroHumanoid Ahhhh that would've been awesome if it worked. Now I just need a way to change all of my Hyperspin XML files to match the No-intro renaming convention. First time posting in the forum and I already got clear answers to my questions! already loving this community Thanks a lot guys! looking forward to the audit tools in LB, just started using it a couple of minutes ago by upgrading to the beta release. Wish me luck
  20. Hi guys! I've recently bought Big Box and I simply love it! I had a pretty huge hyperspin setup before trying to switch to launchbox and I'm having one issue. I'm going to keep both front end, mainly because some of my friends wants my setup, but I can't give them bigbox for free, so I'm keeping Hyperspin. I know I'll need every media twice, but I would love to save some space for at least roms/games and videos. I was just wondering, If I created a Symlink to my whole game directory and a symlink for my video folder from the Launchbox directory to my Hyperspin directory, could I rename the symlinked files to what I want to , without affecting the original file name in the original folder? Example: SNES roms set is the No-intro. Launchbox figures out by itself how to deal with those files, but Hyperspin needs the filename to match the XML. create a symlink of my snes roms folder into Hyperspin directory and then rename the symlinked romsfiles, without affecting my original No-Intro naming convention in the process. Would it work? I know this is not just launchbox related, so sorry in advance, but help would be greatly appreciated! Thanks, Mike
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