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  1. Unified Refried uses the following... *Box - 3D *Cart - Front *Clear Logo *Advertisement Flyer - Front *Arcade - Cabinet *Disc *Arcade - Marquee (Setting the 'Box - Back' priority to 'Arcade - Marquee' in Launchbox...it does not use 'Box - Back' artwork) And if you want the backgrounds for the default load screens to show,you will need to keep the 'Fanart - Background' art as well
  2. RetroHumanoid

    Help with Clear Logos

  3. Version 1.3.0


    A set of 155 (with more to come) platform videos,that I have created to match perfectly with my Refried theme. I have used the same character,Background,and border art in the videos,that is in the theme, for the majority of the videos. I am sure it's obvious where the influence came from for the theme,but, this whole thing started out as an alternate version to the Unified theme,which sort of took off and became something slightly different overall. While I do have plans for about 60+ more videos to add to this set,I am afraid I cannot take requests,at least until the project,as a whole, is completed. A special Thank you to @RetroNi for allowing me to use his white bordered logo set,with a few changes,for the titles in these videos...As well as @CriticalCid for giving me the unspoken inspiration to even start this project in the first place! Samples - Super Nintendo Entertainment System - Sega CD - AAE - Capcom CPSIII - Pinball FX2 - Nintendo Virtual Boy - Microsoft MS-DOS - The Main Theme can be found here... The Logo set can be found here...
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    Big Logo - Startup Theme

    No there isn't....is there any particular reason you wouldn't upgrade your version for it?...7.15 is pretty old at this point
  5. RetroHumanoid

    Let's see your game rooms

    The 2 white 32" on the left are my Main PC monitors...the small 19" tv is just a tv...and the 32" on the right is the Arcade Cabinet main screen,with a 25" marquee monitor above it. It is duplicated because I was running an Elgato HD to feed the Arcade/Game Consoles to my Main PC desktop,and the HDMI was run to the 19" tv so that I could play with no lag (because the elgato has about a 3-5 second lag time from source to elgato to obs) while sitting at the desk. I dropped that small tv while moving and it broke unfortunately...I was pretty happy with the setup,so it really sucked to lose the tv..but,it was a cheapy. I believe this pic was during my Hyperspin days...but,I have setup my marquee through Launchbox to look very similar to the setup in the pic when I converted over.
  6. RetroHumanoid

    Let's see your game rooms

    A few pics of my old game room (these are from 2016,so a few things were changed,but,for the most part it was the same)...I had to move about 6 months ago,and we are in a much smaller place atm,but,we are hopefully getting a nice big place again in a few weeks and I can take it all out of storage and set it up again. What isn't shown,is the shelf with all my PS1,PS2 and Sega games...as well as the closet packed with crap I found cheap at yard sales,but,will probably never use,lol
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    Unified Refried

    Version 1.6.4


    I set out to make an alternate version to the beautiful Unified theme,with modifications here and there,yet,as I worked on it more and more,I started to go a different direction slightly...and thus Refried was born. This theme is built to focus on artwork,and showcase each system in bright colorful high definition artwork. I have drawn all new original arcade cabinets,and designed custom borders for each platform,which set each system apart from each other,while maintaining a unified appearance across the board. The main difference between this,and many other themes that are out there...are the video borders. When using the Default theme,all video borders are the same size across the entire theme...but,when using the addons,the video borders will then fit the system properly...so that the video for Game Boy Advance,will fit the GBA Video Border...and the PSP video,will fit the PSP Video Border. In other words,by using separate themes,it allows the video to represent the system perfectly...rather than the same size border for everything. This theme is more than capable of running without a single addon theme installed,and only using the Default...the addons are merely to extend the experience of each system,with special added artwork,and tweaks. In comparison,This theme works very much like coverbox...except with a default to fall back on. On the other hand,the Addon themes rely on certain files that reside in the Default theme...so while it is still possible,it is not suggested to run the addons without running the Default as well. I have built this theme as a package...so If anyone chooses to run the addons,without the default,or make any changes to the xaml files...I will not provide any help with issues that arise...sorry. There are multiple views included with the default theme,including - 1.Border with No Box/Cart/Disc Art 2.Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art 3.Border with Box/Spinning Cart/Disc Art 4.Full Screen Video w/Centered enlarged wheel 5.Border Text List View with Box/Cart/Disc Art Each Addon theme has 4 views,which are - 1.Special Artwork/Special Border with No Box/Cart/Disc Art 2.Special Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art (With wheel fade) 3.Special Border with Box/Cart/Disc Art (No wheel fade) 4.Special Border Text List View with Box/Cart/Disc Art In the case of the Addon themes...if the system has CD's/Discs,then the Disc will spin in Views 2 and 3...but,if the system has carts or floppies,then they will not spin in views 2 and 3. ***Notes on the Arcade Addon Theme*** *The Arcade theme consists of a single theme that contains all of the artwork for 65 Arcade platforms/Playlists,and is installed the same way as the Collections/Genres/Favorites themes* *Capable of displaying Video Marquees for each game in the marquee area of the cabinets (Some samples are included,and more are on the way)* Any Video Marquees must be placed in "LaunchBox/Themes/Unified Refried - Arcade/Images/Theme/Video Marquees/" and must be in mp4 format *Capable of displaying Marquees for each game in the marquee area of the cabinets In order to make this work properly,you must go into LaunchBox options,and change the priority for Cart Back Image to Arcade - Marquee,and uncheck anything else. This has been updated from the previous method,and if you still have the version where you have to add marquees to the theme folder,i highly suggest you update it again to this new version. *The Arcade theme has 5 views* 1.Dynamic Marquees with Character Artwork 2.No Dynamic Marquees with Character Artwork 3.Dynamic Marquees with Advert/Flyers 4.No Dynamic Marquees with Advert/Flyers 5.Text List View with Advert/Flyers/Cabinets Installation: 1.Download the Default theme,as well as any platform themes you would like,and place them separately in the themes folder located at Launchbox/Themes. The structure should look like this.. Unified Refried Unified Refried - Atari 2600 Unified Refried - Atari 5200 etc. 2.If you have not done so,you will need to unblock the Plugins...This does not have to be done for every addon theme,as unblocking them once,in the default,is all that is necessary...excerpt taken from unified description - 3.Set the theme to "Unified Refried" in Options/Views/Theme 4.Make sure to have "Remember seperate view for each Platform" turned on in Options/Views 5.Browse to any platform that you have installed the Platform theme for,and press your "Switch Theme" Key,Then select the appropriate Platform theme from the list. If you have not programmed a "Switch Theme" key,you may do so by going to Options/Keyboard Mappings or Options/Controller Buttons. Thanks @RetroNi for the use of his Logo set. @CriticalCid for his theme Unified,as I used alot of his coding as a base for the assembly of this theme. @kyoken @neil9000 @bundangdon @zetec-s-joe @Retro808 @Porl Hendy for their feedback during testing. @faeran for his help early on in the development stages. @Jason Carr because I used a bit of code from his Redux version,and took on some of his ideas from the changes he made @NJDave71 for his HelperControl plugin @bmonomad @Suhrvivor for their work on the Community Star Ratings,Favorites,and Play Mode code,which formed the base for implementing it into this theme @Ghostlines for his additions to the theme Examples: Theme Lists Arcade Consoles Handhelds Computers Pinball Ghostlines Additions The Platform/Playlist video set can be found here... The Platform/Playlist Logo set can be found here...
  8. Hello All! With the addition of my cinematics into the Launchbox Platform video downloader section,I figured I would show those that have no idea who I am or what I do,some examples of the available Cinematics I have made.I will also post info on any new cinematics I am working on here in the future. I also do alot of other media,mainly for RocketLauncher Fades and Pause screen...but,also marquees,wheels,and other stuff. If you would like to check out my other work,feel free to browse my website at www.retrohumanoid.weebly.com Apple II Big Fish Games ColecoVision Commodore Amiga CD32 FightCade Fujitsu FM Towns Future Pinball GCE Vectrex Guitar Hero Arcade Gun Games HBMAME (Misfit MAME) Jukebox Laserdisc Mattel Intellivision Microsoft MSX Microsoft MSX2 MUGEN NEC PC Engine NEC PC Engine-CD NEC PC-FX NEC SuperGrafx NEC TurboGrafx-CD Nintendo BS-X Satellaview Nintendo Game & Watch Nintendo Super Famicom PC Games Philips CD-i Pinball Arcade Pinball FX2 PopCap Games ScummVM Sega SG-1000 Sharp X68000 SNK Neo Geo Pocket SNK Neo Geo Pocket Color Sony Playstation Minis Visual Pinball
  9. RetroHumanoid

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    I didn't use photoshop for the theme...it was assembled in Gimp actually. I used default borders for every system and built onto them with layers of prepared artwork...just kinda eyeballing placements for each one. Here are the borders I used.. Refried Borders.zip Not much else to it really Happy New Year to you as well!
  10. RetroHumanoid

    Region Playlist Clear Logos

    Version 1.1.0


    A set of clear logos for the Regions playlists...yep...that's about it... Just drop the logo into the Playlist folder for the appropriate region "Launchbox/Images/Playlists/(SystemName)(Region)/Clear Logo/" No need to rename or anything.
  11. RetroHumanoid

    Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules PLATFORM

    Sorry for the delay...holidays and stuff,still recovering... I really appreciate the share,and can definitely tell you put alot of work into this thing. Your collection is definitely leagues above what I have as far as pdf files. I haven't had the chance to place it into big box yet,but,I can already tell that now I have to do this with my comics and magazines,lol.
  12. Version 1.3.0


    Here is a set of 11 Platform Category videos,done in a unified Neon style,with Retro synth music in the background. The categories are: Arcade Consoles Handhelds Computers Pinball Collections Genres Developers Years Favorites Hacks
  13. Version 1.0.0


    83 unique playlist logo sets I created to go with the new Auto Generated Playlist feature recently added. These took quite some time to make,considering I had to create entire fonts for some of them (ScummVM,MAME,NEC SuperGrafx,etc.) due to no font existing,and editing similar fonts to resemble the system fonts for others. Each set contains 8 logos covering the following.. All Games Genres Favorites Play Modes Regions Single Player Multiplayer Cooperative Not every playlist/platform will utilize every logo,but,just for completionist sake,I made them all for each one anyways. I have organized the file to be drag and drop,but,I still suggest to verify the playlist/platform names before dropping it into your images folder...as some may differ from user to user,and wrongly named files will not show up. After placing them in the appropriate place,you should also refresh platform clear logos in options as well. Example Set:
  14. Version 1.0.0


    Here is a set of ,currently, 270 Collection videos to be used with playlists. This coincides with all of the media released in the @CriticalCid theme "Unified". I have decided to upload them here,because Jason is a busy man,and I understand how much work it could be to enter this many videos in manually. I do plan on releasing more in the future,with an estimated goal of around 500-600 total playlist videos,as well as all of the artwork for the Unified theme that's needed. I do not have an estimated time-frame as to the release of more,I just know that's the plan. While I never expect anyone to actually have 600 playlists in their BigBox setup,I do believe that variety is the spice of life,and this will give plenty of options for personalizing your lists.Enjoy! Here was the release video I made for the initial 70 Collection videos : And here was the preview video of the 200 videos that followed : You can also find the Genre videos here : And the Favorites videos here: And the Developer Video set here...
  15. RetroHumanoid

    Dungeons & Dragons Manuals & Modules PLATFORM

    This is awesome...as I currently have a large pdf collection already,I would love to get ahold of your premade setup (minus the actual books)...It would look great in my setup,and make D&D night more convenient. I will have to make a platform category video for "Books & Magazines" now if I set this up
  16. RetroHumanoid

    Big Logo - Startup Theme

    Check the priority list in Launchbox options..make sure you have Background Fanart turned on (Check marked)
  17. RetroHumanoid

    Launchbox 9.2 Change Log

    You have to disable it in Launchbox and Bigbox options...there are two places
  18. RetroHumanoid

    Launchbox 9.2 Change Log

    Jason is right..I am currently working on one with a default background for every platform...and it will be very "tweakable"...I am putting every project on hold at the moment though due to the holidays,but,I will pick it back up after new years,and it shouldn't take long to get the initial setup out.
  19. I was responding to OP...you typed a reply the same time I did. I realize there is much more to RL...I have devoted the last 4-5 years of my creativity bug to RL and the media it displays.
  20. Look in your Backups folder...there should be a file,or files like the ones highlighted in the picture below...copy the one with the most recent date,into the root of the Data folder and rename it to Parents.xml
  21. RetroHumanoid

    MAME not working

    I remember having to actually start the program up,and save the settings from within MAME,in order for it to create the ini file
  22. The Launchbox startup isn't breaking the emulator...the emulator is RocketLauncher...which it is loading fine. Once it loads RocketLauncher,it puts it in focus,which covers up the emulator that RocketLauncher is loading. It's simply not compatible with RocketLauncher...and probably never will be,as it is there to be an alternative to RocketLauncher...not work side-by-side with it.
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    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    These marquees can be located in the "Unified Refried - Arcade" addon theme,and there are 8 of them currently...noone else was working on them except me as far as I know...and I am not currently working on them...I will,but,it's just not high on the priority list yet. If other people would like to work on them,they are more than welcome to.
  24. RetroHumanoid

    RetroHumanoid Cinematics & Refried Theme

    Fixed and reuploaded the Region logos...Europe and North America were changed