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AutoHotKey... how to use and where


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I need to use AHK files to redirect buttons for my Commodore 64 games.

In Hyperspin there was a folder for this in profiles for each emulator that needed to use them.

Where would I find this in LaunchBox? How do I enable this option... where do I put the AHK files?

Does it work the same here.... example for game 1 if I needed the Z button in my cabinet to act as a D and the X an F  then I make an AHK file called game 1 and the full contents of the file would be...



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Yeah I can't say as this is something I've ever actually done. I've always got a keyboard nearby, whether on my PC or streaming to my Steam Link, so I've never needed to do this. It should be possible though.

In order to do this on a game by game basis you'll probably need to use the Additional Application feature. You can right-click on a game in your library, go to Edit, and then go to the Additional Application tab and select "Add Application...". Here you could direct it to an AHK script that will change the buttons as needed, and then check the "Automatically Run Before Main Application Box". This will make the script (or whatever else you add as an application) run just before starting the game/emulator. You could then add another Additional Application that would close/unload the script you started and tell it to "Automatically Run After Main Application".

This is predicated on you knowing how to actually write the scripts you need, but it sounds like you already know how to do that.

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Running out the door as soon as I type this... As far as the script is concerned it definitely works with Hyperspin so I assume it would work with LB as well.

But as for you last post maybe I need to direct it to the AHK.exe file first then the game specific file next.

I'll give it a shot tonight.

Thanks again.

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On another note... just tried something a little different.

Don't know if anyone would have a use for it but I may. You can use multiple AHK files at once. As a quick test I simply put the two commands I listed above into 2 separate files and loaded them both and it worked the same.

The reason I may use something like this is using specific strings of key for multiple games like the function buttons or multiple numbers and such as can be required in many C64 games.

Where I may need to only have a a few commands for actual game play but a bunch of utility/pre-game buttons.

I can have a separate file for that and then another for the actual game use buttons.

I may or may not set things up like this but good to know I have that option.

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