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in need of a little help please


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That's an image for your platform. If you go in to LaunchBox, then Tools -> Manage Platforms, you'll see all the images for that platform like you would see for games. Use the arrows to find the image you want, right click it and remove it. Or, you can also change it to something else you'd want. This will remove that image from any view that uses it. Once you reboot Big Box, if it doesn't go away, you may need to refresh your cache in the options menu.

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Really? You went to the image, right clicked and removed it, and it removed it from that image viewer? After restarting that shouldn't come back. Some stuff does, but I don't recall the images doing that. If it didn't go away in Big Box, that's why I said you should clear cache, but the cache (I don't think) has anything to do with the image viewers. You can do it the slightly harder way by going in to your LaunchBox/Images/Platforms/<Insert Platform>/Banner folder and deleting the image. You should probably delete it with LaunchBox closed.

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No, the folders will be named to what ever you named the platform and have images inside. Regardless of what you called it, you'd still open the Manage Platforms screen or go in to that specific folder and delete the image. Since you use Scrape As to scrape it as a different platform, it's pulling the default images for those platforms. I re-did all my Clear Logo's to be a unified set, and I had to go through editing them in the UI; removing the old ones and putting in the new ones.

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