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Okay, so i'm using a guitar for my guitar hero, which for some reason is always defaulted to "steer" to the left. So using "all controllers" in launchbox doesn't work because it just keeps scrolling to the left. So what i'm wondering is if theres a way to use only 3 controllers? I know theres only an option for single controller controls not 2+. But perhaps if you change something in one of the .xml files? I also have a script which disables my guitar for guitar hero, because some games this "auto" left steer keeps screwing it up. And enable when i exit it. Could this possibly be a solution somehow?

Also second quesiton; Is it possible to remove where you select letters to navigate through platforms? if you have your list  where you scroll up and down to navigate through games the bind would be left & right. I control my big box with a joystick so it happens very often that i missclick & i would rather just scroll up/down to get to the games even if theres a lot.

Excuse me for bad phrasing, ask if u have any questions.


thanks in advance! :)

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Unfortunately right now for controllers you can either have a single controller or all controllers. I have asked @Jason Carr to allow you to choose which controllers can be used. I have the same problem with auto scrolling because of a flight stick I have connected.

As for your second question, I don't think there is a way to turn that off but I may be wrong. I had a look and couldn't find a way, doesn't mean I didn't just miss it though.

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