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How to backup / duplicate configs


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Hey guys, I've put a fair chunk of time into configuring my first launch box and I want to do two things

1) back it up the best way possible in case the pc it's on dies (I believe I saw a thread on this already about cloning the drive)

2) I'd like to essentially duplicate launchbox, my emulators, and roms onto another pc or laptop (the OS level I would take care of manually) with as little reconfiguration as possible. The closer I could get to an 'unzip and start playing' the better.


and in case anyone is wondering, yes it's purely for my own pc's and using my purchased license. I happen to own a number of pc's and would like to duplicate my setup rather than having to build it a second time onto another pc for another room / for the kids etc

looking forward to the advice!

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Launchbox is portable. Just make sure whatever drive letter you port it to is the same as the one you're porting from. It helps to keep your roms and emulators inside the LB folder as well, but it isn't strictly necessary. You may just have to update the paths if they change.

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As long as everything from your original setup is on the same drive it should a be assigned a relative path and the drive letter shouldn't even matter but I know in my case I don't put any games in the LB folder and I always have stuff setup on more than one drive so it doesn't apply to me.

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Thank guys :) I was hoping it was basically a copy/paste and seems like it'll be close enough :)

I use LB from C:\ and keep all emulators within the LB folder, and then ROM's on D:\ in their own folders, so should be a pretty easy move.


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